Profile of Nodular Goitres

Anbarasan, K (2011) Profile of Nodular Goitres. Masters thesis, K.A.P. Viswanatham Government Medical College, Tiruchirappalli.


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INTRODUCTION: Nodular swellings of the thyroid are a common clinical entity and the incidence increases with age. Nodular swellings may present as solitary swelling or multinodular swelling. Adenoma, Cyst, Carcinoma, Dominant nodule of MNG, Thyroiditis, lymphoma, Parathyroid tumor may present as solitary nodule of thyroid. Colloid goitre, medullary carcinoma thyroid (familial) may present as MNG. The importance of this clinical entity is that 10-20% of solitary nodules of the thyroid could be malignant. 5-10% of malignant swellings of thyroid arise from MNG. The approach to nodular goitre management is selective one. Utilising continually improving diagnostic techniques to reliably identify patients with malignant and certain benign conditions that require surgery thereby avoiding unnecessary thyroidectomy for all nodular goitres. A potentially curable cancer may present in solitary nodule thyroid and multi nodular goitre and thereby the study of Nodular goitre of thyroid gains importance. AIM OF THE STUDY: 1. To study the epidemiology of the nodular goitre of the thyroid. 2. To study the role of fine needle aspiration cytology in the management of Nodular goitre of thyroid. 3. To study the incidence of malignancy in Nodular goitre of thyroid. CASE SELECTION: All patients admitted with Nodular goitre-- solitary or multi Nodular EXCLUSION CRITERIA: 1. Patients with severe comorbid illness, 2. Patients with Nodular goitre with regional lymphadenopathy, 3. Patients with distant metastasis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Place of Study: Annal Gandhi Memorial Govt. Hospital & K.A.P.V. Medical College, Trichy. Period of Study: 01.08.2008 to 31.07.2010 No. of Patients: 62. A total of (70) consecutive patients admitted at AGMGH, K.A.P.V. Medical College, Trichy with Nodular goitre of thyroid were followed and only 62 of the patients who satisfied the above criteria were included in this study. Limitation of the study Many patients did not turn up for follow up after two reviews and the exact incidence of post operative lypothyroidism could not be evaluated. RESULTS: In the present study 62 patients were included and majority of the patients were in their third, fourth and fifth decades of life. The age of the patients studied ranged from 7½ to 65 years of age. 54 Females and 8 males were studied in this study. All the 62 patients complained swelling in the front of their neck. 19 patients had pain 12 patients complained of some difficulty in swallowing. CONCLUSION: Nodular goitre of thyroid was found be more common in young and middle aged patients. Nodular goitre of thyroid was 7 times more common in females than males. Majority of Nodular goitre were found to be benign lesion. In the individuals admitted with nodular goitre of thyroid – solitary or multi nodular managed by hemithyroidectomy, sub total thyroidectomy and total thyroidectomy. Incidence of malignancy in solitary nodule was 10.41%. Incidence of malignancy in MNG was 14.28% and overall malignancy in nodular goitre was 11.29%. The incidence of malignancy in Nodular goitre of thyroid in males exceeds that of females. The ratio being 5:2

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