A study on the presence of accessory maxillary ostium

Vrinda, B Nair (2015) A study on the presence of accessory maxillary ostium. Masters thesis, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.


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The association between accessory ostium and chronic sinusitis is still a subject of controversy as various studies have given a wide range of variable results. The prevalence of accessory ostium varies between 2 – 44%. OBJECTIVE: To study the prevalence of Accessory ostium in those with Chronic Sinusitis and those without the disease. METHODS: 83 patients with chronic sinusitis and 83 subjects without the disease were studied by nasal endoscopy for the presence of accessory ostium. RESULTS: 30% of those with chronic sinusitis had an accessory ostium, whereas only 10% without the disease had it (p value < 0.001). Majority of the accessory ostia were on the left and in the posterior nasal fontanelle, in both the groups. 6 (24%) patients and 1 (13%) unexposed subject had bilateral accessory ostia. Only 2% of the diseased individuals had double ostia. Only 12% showed circular phenomenon. However symptoms like headache, facial pain, post nasal drip and halitosis, and purulence on examination (Rhinosinusitis Task Force Criteria) were not found to have any specific association with the presence of accessory ostia. CONCLUSION: To conclude we would say that the presence of an accessory ostium can be considered as an indicator of maxillary sinus disease, along with the other criteria for chronic sinusitis and that it can help surgeons in their decision making as to whether a surgery is required or not.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: accessory ostium ; maxillary sinusitis.
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