A clinicopathological study on laryngeal cancer

Suman, A P (2015) A clinicopathological study on laryngeal cancer. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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OBJECTIVES: 1. To estimate the incidence of laryngeal cancer among the patients who attend the ENT OPD. 2. To know the age and sex ratio. 3. To assess the socio-demographic profile of laryngeal cancer. 4. To analyze the association of risk factors causing laryngeal cancer. 5. To know the treatment received by the laryngeal cancer patients at Government Rajaji Hospital., Madurai. MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY: The patients attending the ENT OPD of GRH., Madurai, falling into the inclusion criteria will be selected for the study. The study subjects will be first administered an informed consent form. After explaining the details of the study to the subjects in detail written consent will be obtained from those who agree to participate in the study. For every individual consenting to participate in the study, a case record form will be filled. The patients with histopathologically proven laryngeal cancer in the inclusion criteria are considered. The common clinical presentation of patients, age profile, the symptomatology, disease stage, etiological factors, histological profile, family history, occupational history and the treatment modalities offered to them will be studied. 1. The procedures done to examine the larynx are indirect laryngoscopy, videolaryngoscopy, direct laryngoscopy. 2. Radiological investigations include chest X-ray, CT scan neck and chest. 3. Clinical investigations- Complete haemogram and biochemical profile. 4. Histopathological examination of biopsy taken from laryngeal growth. Inclusion Criteria: 1. Proven cases of laryngeal cancer by biopsy and histopathological examination. 2. Patients who have not undergone any treatment for laryngeal cancer. 3. Patients who are in good mental health to give reliable answers for the Questionnaire. 4. Patients who are willing for the study. Exclusion Criteria: 1. Patients who are on chemotherapy or radiotherapy. 2. Patients with recurrent laryngeal cancer. 3. Patients who have discontinued the treatment. 4. Patients with malignancy in other sites along with laryngeal cancer. SUMMARY: In our study most of them were male patients. The most common age group Was 65 years. We had only 4 female patients in our study and all had supraglottic growth. All the patients belonged to low socioeconomic strata. The most common part of larynx involved is supraglottis. None of our patients had distant metastasis. The most common presentation was difficulty in breathing and stridor, later followed by change of voice and dysphagia. The common histopathological finding was squmous cell carcinoma. In that moderatelty differentiated was the most common type. The most common stage was stage III. The most common treatment offered at our hospital was concurrent chemoradiotherapy. CONCLUSION: Cancer larynx is highly preventable disease by avoiding the risk factors like tobacco and alcohol. Any patient complaining of change of voice for more than three weeks should be investigated thoroughly with videolaryngoscopic examination. Especially in an elderly male who is a chronic alcoholic and smoker. Curative rates are high in cancer larynx if diagnosed early and treated appropriately. Increase in the socioeconomic strata, education level can create awareness in the public and to approach near by health care centre for change of voice especially in elderly males. Unlike in the west, supraglottic cancer is common at our hospital. Chemoradiotherapy has made real impact in treatment strategy. This is one of the treatment modality which helps in organ preservation and thus the voice production. Prognosis is poor in later stages of the disease.

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