Screening for antiviral activity of Actinomycetes isolated from soil sediments

Kannan, S (2009) Screening for antiviral activity of Actinomycetes isolated from soil sediments. Masters thesis, Nandha College of Pharmacy, Erode.


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The total 6 Actinomycete strains were recovered from the soil sediment samples which were collected from regions of Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Nagai districts of Tamil Nadu by using Glucose yeast extract malt agar medium, Inorganic salt agar medium and Luria-Bertani agar medium. The cultural characteristics of the isolated strains were studied. Morphological and biochemical characteristics of the strains AcO1 to AcO6 were studied. The fermentation of the AcO1 to AcO6 was carried out by using Luria-Bertani broth, Inorganic salt broth and Glucose yeast extract malt broth. The fermentation was carried out on rotary shaker at 200rpm at 30ºC. After fermentation the recovery of the fermentation broth was carried by centrifugation and whatmann filtration. Extraction of the supernatants S2, S6, S10, S15, S20, S23 were carried out by using ethyl acetate, acetone and methanol. The methanol and acetone extract of AcO2 were recovered and their antiviral activity was studied by using Herpes simplex type-1. The DNA of AcO2 was extracted by using cell lysis technique and purification was carried out by agarose gel electrophoresis. The DNA bands were separated according to ascending the molecular wt. as compare with standard marker DNA. From the present work it is concluded that the soil of the region of Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Nagai, district of Tamil Nadu have the capability to produced actinomycetes. The soil samples which were collected from Coimbatore showed potential for producing actinomycetes which are related to some species. The AcO2 was one of the strain related to streptomyces species. It is non-motile, non- acid fast from study. It was concluded that GLM medium is one of the best medium for isolation of actinomycetes from soils. Among the various actinomycetes strains isolated, the strain of AcO2 shows very good inhibition over the virus Herpes simplex virus type I. So this study used for developing a new drug against such type of virus, which may be very safe, less toxic and cheap when compared with other drugs. The DNA obtained from AcO2 was free of contaminants like humic acid. Isoproponal which was preferred instead of poly ethylene glycol and ethanol. The analysis of the methanol and acetone extracts of AcO2 Rf values were found to be as 0.86 and 0.87 by thin layer chromatography. The λ max of extract AcO2 was found to be 232 nm. The functional group present in the extract was found from IR studies –C-H, C=N,C=O, C=C and aromatic disubstituted compound. The molecular weight of AcO2 was found peak at 189 is the base peak of most intense having 100% relative abundance. I am confident from the present study my work will render satisfactory results in future study.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Screening ; antiviral activity ; Actinomycetes isolated ; soil sediments.
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