In vitro Cytotoxicity study of Plant Aloe vera against Cancer Cell Lines

Atul Nishant, Chandu (2009) In vitro Cytotoxicity study of Plant Aloe vera against Cancer Cell Lines. Masters thesis, Nandha College of Pharmacy, Erode.


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Cancer is one of the most dangerous and dreadful disease of the 20th century and spreading further with continuance and increasing incidence in 21st century. An alternative solution to western medicine embodied with severe side effect is the use of medicinal plant preparation to arrest the disease. This piece of work is mechanized to prove potentiality of herbal extracts of Aloe vera to kill the cancerous cells and to protect the normal cells from the cytotoxic effect of anticancer drugs. Here the culture is being performed for B16F10 melanoma and SW982 fibrosarcoma cancer cell, the molecular involvement and potency of chemotherapeutic drug in cancer cell is well presented. In vitro cytotoxic activity performed revealed that Aloe vera exhibited good cytotoxicity. The best cytotoxic activity by Aloe vera was shown at 200μg/ml concentration for B16F10 melanoma cell line and 250μg/ml for SW982 fibro sarcoma cancer cell as compared to that of standard anticancer drug. In future this piece of work can be mechanized for purification and identification of active constituents present in Aloe vera by using various analytical techniques like thin layer chromatography, column chromatography, FT-IR, mass spectroscopy etc. Also, this work can be extended for in vivo study of antitumor activity by measuring tumor volume and also for in vivo cytoprotection activity. The statistical correlation can be established on the above based information, so that this wonderful plant of Aloe vera which is well known for its antispasmodic activity and used since long as “cosmetics product”, can be used as a drug of choice during cancer chemotherapy, which is available at low cost and is poor man friendly. In near future such products will be a boon to man kind for cancer and HIV patients.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Aloe vera ; Cancer Cell Lines ; In vitro Cytotoxicity study.
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