An open comparative clinical study on “Thandaga Vatham” (Lumbar Spondylosis) with the evaluation of trial drugs “Naga Chendhuram” (Int) “Moolayoga Nirkundi Thailam” (Ext) and “Varmam Therapy”

Sreedhana, C R (2017) An open comparative clinical study on “Thandaga Vatham” (Lumbar Spondylosis) with the evaluation of trial drugs “Naga Chendhuram” (Int) “Moolayoga Nirkundi Thailam” (Ext) and “Varmam Therapy”. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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The 60 case of Thandagavatham were diagnosed clinically. Among 60 patients, 20 patients were treated with Varmam treatment along with the External trial drugs, 20 patients trial Medicine and External trial drugs and remaining 20 patients Varmam, External trial drugs trial Medicine in outpatient for 48 days in Department of Sirappu Maruthuvam of the Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai – 106 The Study Protocol was approved by Institutional Ethics committee (GSMC-CH-ME-2015/015). Before initiating the clinical trial, it was registered in Clinical Trials Registry of India and the registration number Ref No Is: CTRI/2017/05/008542. The various Siddha methods of examination of the disease were carried out and the datawere recorded in the prescribed Proforma for the 60 selected cases. During the period of treatment all the patients are advised for Pathiyam (specific dietary regimen chart for the disease given to each patient. Laboratory investigations are done periodically for all the cases before and after treatment and radiological investigations are done for all the cases before treatment. The observations made during the clinical study showed that internal and external drugs are effective in relieving the pain in Thandaga vatham patients. During the study period, there was no adverse event reported. As per the Siddha Literature and recent research articles, the ingredients of the trial drugs was found to have anti inflammatory, immunomodulator, antioxidant, analgesic properties owing to the disease manifestations. The mean pain score before treatment was 7.50, after treatment it was reduced to 1.50. Hence this study reveals that patients treated with trial drugs and varmam showed good enhancement when compared to those who are treated only with trial drugs. Statistical analysis showed significant reduction in the pain score and questionnaire before and after treatment. The outcome of the trial medicine was assessed by grading method and the results were as follows: Good improvement - patients (80%), Moderate improvement - patients (17%), Mild improvement - patients (3%). CONCLUSION: Low back ache is a very common problem and has a ubiquitous distribution. Among the galaxy of causative factors both spinal and extra spinal, the common cause of low backache seems to be the lumbar disc disease. Bad posture plays a very significant role in the genesis of this disease. Thandaga vatham is mainly due to derangements of Vadha humour. The Naga Chendhuram reveals no toxicity in the preclinical studies and hence proved to be safe for human administration. The clinical trial proves the efficacy of her trail drugs by reducing the clinical signs and symptoms like radiating pain, numbness, restricted movements and provides better improvement. The study results show that of 8 (20%) of them had mild improvement, 12 (30%) of them had moderate improvement and 20 (50%) of them had good improvement after treatment. Thus these results revealed good relief from the disease after treatment. The preparation of trial medicine is economical. The trial Medicines were prepared from easily available ingredients and the palatability of medicine is better and the dosage is also convenient. Patients treated with trial drugs and Varmam showed good enhancement when compared to those who were treated only with trial drugs. When these affected individuals get a better management with this trial drug and Varmam, it would be a great useful medication. In the present study there was no adverse effect were reported in clinical trial. Hence the drugs were proven for their safety. The clinical trial conducted in selected patients was satisfactory encouraging. Further studies may be taken up to establish the efficacy of the drug. Therefore the author concluded that the trial medicine NAGA CHENDHURAM (INTERNAL) and MOOLAYOGA NIRKUNDI THYLAM (EXTERNAL) WITH VARMAM THERAPHY can give better solutions for Thandagavatham (Lumbar Spondylosis).

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Thandaga Vatham ; Lumbar Spondylosis ; trial drugs ; Naga Chendhuram ; Moolayoga Nirkundi Thailam ; Varmam Therapy ; comparative clinical study.
Subjects: AYUSH > Sirappu Maruthuvam
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