A clinical study on Pitha Paandu (Iron Deficiency Anaemia) with the evaluation of siddha drug Sarakondrai Chooranam

Shanmuga Priya, M (2017) A clinical study on Pitha Paandu (Iron Deficiency Anaemia) with the evaluation of siddha drug Sarakondrai Chooranam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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The clinical study on PITHA PAANDU was carried out in Post graduate department of Maruthuvam, Government Siddha Medical College, attached to Arignar Anna Hospital, Chennai –106 during the period of 2015 - 2017. 40 patients were treated in the outpatient department. The clinical and pathological assessment was carried out on the basis of both Siddha and Modern aspects. All the 40 patients were treated with Sarakondrai chooranam (2 gm/bd daily with milk). The duration of the treatment was fixed as 48 days. The patients are monitored once in 7 days. The results obtained from the studies are summarized below: The prevalence was found to be higher in females (95%). High incidence of patients were noted in the age group of 26-35 years (37.5%). Out of 40 patients, 50% of cases comes under Vatha Kaalam and 50% of cases comes under Pitha Kaalam. Majority of patients comes under Pinpani kaalam (25%). In Thinai, Neithal thinai (50%) and Marutham thinai (37.5%) people are mostly affected. In Occupational status, housewife (62.5%) was mostly affected. Economically low income group (87.5%) were more affected. Among dietary patterns, (80%) of patients were mixed diet. Aetiological factors, Nutritional deficiency (72.5%) plays a major role in Pitha Paandu. In Vatham, Piranan, Viyaanan, Samanan, Kirugaran, Devathathan were affected in all patients. In Pitham, Analagam, Ranjagam, Sathagam were affected in all patients. In Kabam, Avalambagam, Kilethagam were affected in all patients. In Ezhu udal thathukal, Saaram and Senneer were affected in all patients. In Envagai thervugal, Naa, Niram and Vizhi were affected in all patients. Most of the patients had Pitha Vatha naadi (50%). The clinical trial shows that there is significant improvement in the clinical manifestations of Pitha Paandu. Regarding Haemoglobin level, 22 cases shows increase in Hb level between 3gms/dl and above after treatment (55%), 11 cases shows increase in Hb level between 2gms/dl to 2.9 gms/dl after treatment (27.50%) and 7 cases shows increase in Hb level between 0.5gms/dl to 1.5gm/dl after treatment (17.5%) The trial medicine having thuvarppu suvai which neutralizes the deranged Pitham by Ethirurai maruthuvam. Also the trial drug have Vermifuge and Laxative activity. In Qualitative analysis, basic radicals like Iron, Copper, Alkaloids and Reducing sugar were present. The pre-clinical studies shows that the trial medicine was safe with significant Haematinic activity. The Bio statistical report of the clinical trial shows significant P value ˂0.001 and concluded that, the treatment is effective and significant. Among 40 patients, 24 cases (60%) shows Good result, 10 cases (25%) shows Moderate result, 6 cases (15%) shows Mild result after treatment. CONCLUSION: Pitha Paandu is primarily due to the derangement of pitham. The trial medicine Sarakondrai Chooranam predominating with Thuvarppu taste it neutralizes the deranged pitham by Ethirurai Maruthuvam. The trial medicine Sarakondrai Chooranam is economical. From the Pre Clinical Toxicological studies, Sarakondrai Chooranam reveals no toxicity and hence proved to be safe. From the Pre Clinical Pharmacological studies, it reveals that the Sarakondrai Chooranam possess significant Haematinic activity. No adverse effects was reported during the course of the treatment. In Clinical study, Sarakondrai Chooranam gave maximum relief from the symptoms of Pitha Paandu and increases the Haemoglobin level. Therefore I conclude that Sarakondrai Chooranam is an effective Haematinic drug for the remedy of Pitha Paandu .

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Pitha Paandu ; Iron Deficiency Anaemia ; siddha drug ; Sarakondrai Chooranam ; clinical study.
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