An open clinical study on Bala Karappan (Atopic Dermatitis) in children with the evaluation of siddha trial drug Poovarasu Nei (Internal)

Bharathi Sri, R (2017) An open clinical study on Bala Karappan (Atopic Dermatitis) in children with the evaluation of siddha trial drug Poovarasu Nei (Internal). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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The clinical study was conducted with the trail drug Poovarasu Nei as Internal medicine for the disease Bala Karappan in children. 40 patients were selected based on protocol. The study is conducted after being screened by the screening committee and approved by the Institutional Ethics committee(IEC) of Govt Siddha medical college, Chennai. Animal studies are carried, Hence, the study is safely executed on human volunteer patients and there was no adverse drug reactions noted during the study period. 40 children with Bala Karappan diagnosed clinically treated in out patient department of Arignar Anna Hospital of Indian Medicine, Chennai-106. They were under gone laboratory investigation treated with trial drug, observed for clinical improvement and any adverse reaction of the drug. I like to summarize this clinical study by the following: The efficacies of the trial drug Poovarasu Nei were studied and observed in this study. Clinical diagnosis of Bala karappan was done on the basisof clinical features described in kuzhanthai maruthuvam (Bala vagadam) and Noi muthal nadal thirattu. The cost of the trial medicines are low, comparatively economic. These drugs are easily available, and the dosage is also convenient. The potency of the trial drug reveals that the presence of chloride, Iron, flavonoids, glycosides, steroids, carbohydrates, triterepnoids, coumarins, phenols, saponins . The physico chemical analysis of the trial drug shows the safe and effectiveness of the drug with the following: Loss on Drying at 105 °C (%):4.73 ± 2.54, Ash value : 0.68 ± 0.33, pH : 6, Specific Gravity : 1.095, Viscosity at 50oC (Pa s): 16.87, Refractive index : 1.52, Weight per ml (gm/ml): 1.1, Iodoine value (mg I2/g) : 139.7, Saponification Value (mg of KOH to saponify 1gm of fat) : 248.17, Total Iron content (mg/ml) : 0.235. CONCLUSION: Bala Karappan is a common skin disorder in children and mainly caused by derangement of kabha Kuttram followed by vatham and pitham. In this clinical study “Poovarasu Nei” was taken as internal drug respectively.The deranged kuttram is settled down by the kaippu suvai and inipu suvai present in the trial medicine Poovarasu Nei (Internal medicine) there by the medicine acts as Ethirurai maruthuvam to cure the disease. Also, kasa kasa has transquilliser action and sadamanjil has Anti depressant action. Toxicological studies shows no acute and sub acute toxicity of the drug. The drug has Anti-Histamine and Immunomodulator activity. The cost of the trial medicines are low. During the clinical study no adverse events were observed. The clinical study confirms the efficacy of the trial drugs by reducing the clinical signs and symptoms like itching, Papules, Oozing and scaling. . Clinical study results found to be Good in 62.5% cases, Moderate in 25% cases, and Mild in 12.5% cases. The Clinical trial conducted in selected patients was satisfactory and encouraging. The trial medicine is effective for Bala karappan in children. Through this study, the effectiveness of trial drug is confirmed and re-established by the author.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Bala Karappan ; Atopic Dermatitis ; children siddha trial drug Poovarasu Nei ;clinical study.
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