A clinical study on Rattha Moolam (Bleeding Piles) with the evaluation of siddha drug Moolaroga Chooranam

Anbarasan, B (2017) A clinical study on Rattha Moolam (Bleeding Piles) with the evaluation of siddha drug Moolaroga Chooranam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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The clinical study on RATTHA MOOLAM was carried out in Post graduate department of Maruthuvam, Government Siddha Medical College, Aringar Anna Hospital, Chennai – 106 during the period of 2015-2017. A total of 40 patients were treated in the Outpatient department. The clinical and pathological assessment was carried out on the basis of Siddha and Modern aspects. All the patients were treated with MOOLAROGA CHOORANAM, 1 Gm, daily with Honey for a duration of 48 days. The Toxicological studies of the trial medicine reveal no toxicity. The pharmacological studies reveal that, the trial drug has good styptic activity in rat models. Most of the patients were in the age group between 31-40 years (42.5%). Most of the patients were from Neithal nilam 77.5%. Most of the patients were Office workers (27.5%) and home makers (22.5%) Among 40 cases 72.5% comes under low economic status category Among 40 patients, 7 patients (17.5%) were taking vegetarian food and 33 patients (82.5%) were taking mixed diet. In paruvakaalam highest incident of cases, 13 cases (32.5%) were noted in Munpani kaalam In Vatham, Abaanan (100%) was affected in all the cases. In Pitham, Saathagam, Ranjagam, and Analagam were affected in 100%, 35% and 32.5% cases respectively. In Iyyam, , Kilethagam was affected in 32.5% of cases. In Ezhu udal thathukkal, Saaram (100%), Seneer (35%) were affected. In Envagai thervu Nadi (100%), malam (100%) and Na (35%) were mostly affected. Regarding naadi, Pitha vatha naadi (82.5%) was the most common naadi observed. 22.5% of patients show good improvement, 25% of patients shows mild improvement and 47.5% patients show moderate improvement and 5% of patients the improvement was poor. Bio- statistical analysis of the clinical trial reveals significant p value < 0.0001 and concluded that the treatment is effective and significant. CONCLUSION: The drug, Moolaroga chooranam is a combination of nine herbs having astringent, laxative and anti-inflammatory properties. Most of the ingredients of Moolaroga chooranam are indicated for hemorrhoids, which are mentioned in general characteristics in Siddha Materia medica. The taste of the trial drug is Astringent. As Rattha moolam is mainly due to the derangement of Pitha kutram, the astringent property of the drug neutralizes the Pitha kuttram. So, it is considered as Ethirurai maruthuvam. The drug, Moolaroga chooranam did not show any toxicity in the Toxicological studies and thus proved to be safe for human administration. From the Pharmacological studies it is evident that, the trial medicine has significant Styptic activity. Treatment improved the functions of abana vaayu, which regularizes the bowel habits. No adverse effects were reported during the course of the treatment. The trial medicine gave good relief from the symptoms of Rattha moolam. The trial medicine Moolaroga chooranam can give a better solution for RATTHAMOOLAM (BLEEDING PILES). Along with the trial drug supportive therapies like diet and changing of their lifestyles may control the disease.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Rattha Moolam ; Bleeding Piles ; siddha drug ; Moolaroga Chooranam ; clinical study.
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