A clinical study on Aan Maladu (Male Infertility) with the evaluation of siddha drug Veeriya Viruthi Chooranam

Meeran Gani, M (2017) A clinical study on Aan Maladu (Male Infertility) with the evaluation of siddha drug Veeriya Viruthi Chooranam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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The aim of the study is to increase the sperm count and sperm motility in male infertility patient. The trial medicine Veeriya viruthi Chooranam was prepared as per literature. The duration of the trial period is 48 days. The trial dose is Veeriya viruthi Chooranam 1 gm. twice a day with cow’s milk. I had selected 20 patients for the trial based on Inclusion and Exclusion criteria. Before treatment routine blood, urine and semen analysis taken in all 20 patients. Siddha methods like udal thathukkal, Envagai thervu, Neerkuri and Neikuri were noted in case sheet proforma. Patients were instructed to come for next review once in 7 days. Age: Most of the patients were in the age group between 31-40 years. Pithavaatham naadi was most common naadi felt. Thinai: Most of the patients were from Neithal Thinai 70%. Kaalam: seasonal Variances do not have any impact for affecting the people. Occupation: The disease is more common in people working in hot atmosphere like Drivers and Labourers. Diet & Personal habits: People with habit of taking Vegetarian and Mixed Diet, smoking, Alcoholic has more incidence of the disease. Mukkutrum: In Vali, Abaanan, Koorman, Viyanan and Devathathan, In Pitham Anal, Sadhagam, Aalosagam, and in Iyyam Tharpagam and Sandhigam were affected in most of the cases. Udal Thathugal: Saaram, and sukkilam were affected in all the patients. Naadi: Pithavaatham naadi was most common naadi felt. RESULTS AFTER TREATMETNT: Veeriya viruthi Chooranam showed good results with relieving symptoms in almost 70% patients. 55% of patients shows good improvement, 30% of patients shows moderate improvement and in 15% of patients shows poor improvement was observed. The pharmacological studies Veeriya Viruthi Chooranam had good spermatogenesis effect in rats. The Toxicity study revealed that there were no signs of toxicity as could be judged by the absence of undesirable clinical manifestations and no alteration in bio chemical markers. The bio-statistical report of the clinical trial shows significant result. CONCLUSION: AAN MALADU (Male infertility) is primarily due to the derangement of pitham. Veeriya viruthi Chooranam predominating with Inippu and Thuvarppu taste respectively neutralizes the pitham. From the pre-clinical pharmacological studies it is evident that the medicine was significant Spermatogenic activity. The Veeriyaviruthi Chooranam does not produce any toxicity in preclinical study. So it is non-toxic and safe drug for Aan maladu. From the preclinical study Veeriyaviruthi Chooranam increase the sperm motility. No adverse effect was reported during the course of the treatment. The trial medicine gave maximum relief from the symptoms of Aan maladu. The preparation of trial drug is too easy and the cost effect is economically. Therefore the author concluded that the trial medicine VEERIYA VIRUTHI CHOORANAM should be a very good remedy for Aan Maladu (Male Infertility).

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Aan Maladu ; Male Infertility ; siddha drug ; Veeriya Viruthi Chooranam ; clinical study.
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