A Clinico-Histopathological study of 100 cases of Lichen Planus.

Ranugha, P S S (2008) A Clinico-Histopathological study of 100 cases of Lichen Planus. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION : Lichen Planus is one of the most itchy dermatoses, worldwide in distribution, without racial, climatic or sex predilection. It is relatively common disease of the skin, also affecting the mucous membranes, nails & hair. Lichen planus produces intolerable itching which may interfere with sleep. The cosmetically unacceptable hyperpigmentation and the hypertrophic lesions produced in the course of the disease, make it a troublesome one. The natural course of the disease without treatment is usually prolonged. Its chronicity is associated with certain morphological types. Spontaneous resolution is not invariable and sometimes, the damage produced is permanent. It is considered a cell-mediated reaction to some unknown antigen and various modalities of treatment are available . AIMS OF THE STUDY ; 1. To study the age and sex incidence of lichen planus 2. To study the incidence of various clinical types of LP 3. To study the main symptomatology and various sites of distribution of lesions. 4. To study the histopathological features 5. To look for any known provocative factors by relevant history and investigations. 6. To look for associated disorders if any . CONCLUSION : 1. 30-59 years is the commonest age group affected . 2. Female preponderance in incidence was seen (1:2:1) 3. No significant positive family history 4. Mean duration – 1 week to 4 yrs. Recurrent episodes in 5%. 5. Classical LP was the commonest – 68 % 6. Papules & plaques were the commonest lesions. 7. Lower limb was the initial site of involvement 8. No malignant change was seen in hypertrophic lesions in this study 9. Oral mucosa was involved in 25% 10. Nails were involved in 10 % with longitudinal ridging being the commonest change. 11. Histopathological findings correlated with clinical findings in 92% of the cases. 12. No provocative factors could be identified statistically except for ENT and Dental sepsis which was found in 40 % of the cases. The actual significance of this finding needs to be studied further . 13. No significant association was found with any other metabolic or skin disorder.

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