Open Comparative study of Melagenina Plus Lotion and Melagenina Plus Lotion along with UVA to Evaluate the Rate of Repigmentation in Vitiligo Patients.

Jagannathan, K (2007) Open Comparative study of Melagenina Plus Lotion and Melagenina Plus Lotion along with UVA to Evaluate the Rate of Repigmentation in Vitiligo Patients. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION : Vitiligo is a pigmentary disorder of universal distribution and unknown etiology with various precipitating factors. Vitiligo is asymptomatic and benign in terms of human life, of uncertain prognosis and fatal from the aesthetic point of view. It modifies the conduct of the patients, and quite frequently affects the family dynamics. Throughout history this has lead to sustained research on its etiology and to the search for a medication that will effectively induce repigmentation without undesirable side effects. At present the various therapeutic options include topical and systemic photochemotherapy with psoralens, topical and systemic steroids and immunomodulators. Off late topical tacrolimus and narrow band UVB therapy is gaining importance. Apart from medical therapies various surgical and cosmetic procedures are being carried out in patients with stable vitiligo. Since far back in time, numerous drugs for topical and systemic therapy have been used for vitiligo, many only with a placebo effect, which in their times were considered a panacea for the treatment of vitiligo. Time itself has served to discard them, be it for their inefficacy or for the higher incidence of side effects. Hence there is a need to find an alternative therapy that will offer the patient an option for improvement or cure, avoiding these side effects. Melagenina is one such biological product, manufactured in Placental Histotherapy Center, Havana, Cuba since 1973. The center claims the repigmentation rate of 80-84%, 2 years after starting treatment with Melagenina, without local and systemic side effects. It was also claimed that addition of calcium chloride to Melagenina enhances its potency and it was marketed under the name Melagenina plus lotion. This product was available in India since 2003. This product was tested in various other countries with encouraging results. The aim of our study is to find the efficacy of Melagenina plus lotion in patients with localized stable vitiligo, when used alone and in combination with UVA in our Indian population. AIM OF THE STUDY : The Aim of the study is to evaluate of the rate of repigmentation in 6 months with Melagenina plus lotion and Melagenina plus lotion along with UVA in the treatment of localized stable vitiligo. CONCLUSION : 1. Melagenina plus lotion can be effectively used as topical monotherapy for treating localized stable Vitiligo. When used alone its overall efficacy is 33.74% after a period of 6 months. 2. When Ultraviolet A radiation was combined with Melagenina plus lotion (MUVA) there was significant reduction in VASI score at an earlier date, when compared to Melagenina plus lotion monotherapy. 3. The overall efficacy of MUVA is 37.01%, which was only slightly higher than Melagenina plus lotion monotherapy. 4. Localized Vitiligo in sun exposed areas like face and upper limbs showed better response to MUVA. 5. Melagenina plus lotion was most effective in focal and segmental Vitiligo than in Vitiligo vulgaris. 6. Melagenina plus lotion was safe as there were no serious systemic or cutaneous adverse effects apart from transient erythema in a few patients.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Melagenina Plus Lotion ; UVA ; Repigmentation ; Vitiligo ; Open Comparative study.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Dermatology Venereology and Leprosy
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Date Deposited: 05 Jul 2017 01:29
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