A study of incidence of complications in thyroid surgery

Sandosh, A (2018) A study of incidence of complications in thyroid surgery. Masters thesis, K.A.P. Viswanatham Government Medical College, Tiruchirappalli.


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Thyroid pathology is a common condition which surgeons encounter in the outpatient room. On analyzing the 54 cases operated upon the following observation are made. Most common complications is hypocalcemia 27.7%. All of which are transient only. Incidence of RLN palsy is 3.7%,Incidence of Permanent recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis is 1.8%,Incidence of infection is 0%, Incidence of hemorrhage is 12.9%, Most common presentation is solitary nodule of thyroid 48% , Most of the disease is in the age group of 20-40 years, Females are most commonly affected, male : female ratio is 1:8. It is surprising to note that the hypocalcemia is the most common complication (27.7%). It is slightly above the figure suggested by Bailey and Love (25%). The technique of medial ligation of inferior thyroid branches have paid off. Since it was not practiced in all cases, incidence of hypocalcemia may be further lowered by insisting the technique in all cases. The incidence of RLN paralysis is 3.7%. Permanent palsy was within 1.8%. It was a bilateral injury to RLN. But still the patient managed to do without tracheostomy. Probably due to partial paralysis. The incidence quoted in book in 1-2%. Superior laryngeal palsy was not found to be injured. In my study certain conclusion have been reached. The incidence of permanent recurrent laryngeal nerve injury and hypocalcemia are within the acceptable limits. Incidence of wound infection in zero.

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