Analysis of outcomes of facial nerve decompression.

Valli, R (2009) Analysis of outcomes of facial nerve decompression. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Paralysis of facial nerve is a cause of significant functional and aesthetic compromise. It is also accompanied with various social and psychological consequences. Most patients with facial paralysis recover spontaneously. Occasionally there lies as underlying potentially life threatening condition or a potentially curable condition which requires an early intervention. Few may spend their lives as facial cripples because treatment was not offered until death of facial nerve was established by electrical activity. Functional concerns primarily involve adequate protection of eye with a real risk of exposure keratitis if not properly addressed. In addition swallowing, drooling and speech difficulties may arise. The degree of suffering these patients feel however is far greater than these functional problems alone would produce. All the patients undergoing facial nerve decompression were analyzed and the outcomes were observed. An ideal reporting system for grading facial weakness is not available. The most commonly used House- Brackmann’s grading has inter observer variation. The grading system used for assessing improvement is a qualitative grading system , so an appropriate statistical analysis could not be used. Analysis was based on improvement by the number of grades. Improvement from grade VI – IV is not the same as the improvement from grade III – I , which was considered as improvement by 2 grades for analysis Sample size was small to arrive at definitive conclusions Follow up time to show significant improvement was variable between patients, which was not taken into consideration. Nerve grafting takes a longer time to show improvement in facial nerve weakness. So a standardized period of follow up can produce fallacies.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: facial nerve decompression; Paralysis
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