Fat Graft Myringoplasty: repair of small dry central perforation of tympanic membrane: A prospective clinical study

Dhanalakshmi, T (2018) Fat Graft Myringoplasty: repair of small dry central perforation of tympanic membrane: A prospective clinical study. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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The aim and objective of the study is to evaluate the efficacy of the Fat Graft Myringoplasty with respect to find out the success rate of closure of small dry central TM perforation, to compare the success rate with respect to different donor site (Ear Lobule Fat/Abdominal Fat) and site of perforation and also to evaluate as Day Care Procedure. This prospective clinical study was conducted in ENT department, Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai. A forty cases with CSOM with central perforation not exceeding 25% area of Parstensa of TM with age group of 18-50 years and PTA showing Conductive hearing loss with Air Bone gap ≤ 30 dB were selected and Fat Graft Myringoplasty was done as Day care procedure under Local anaesthesia using Ear Lobule Fat or Abdominal fat. Then the patients were followed up regularly and graft uptake and postoperative hearing were assesses at 8th week. in this study we have achieved a success rate (95%) for repair of small dry central perforation of tympanic membrane with fat graft. Data analysis showed that there was no difference in graft uptake in relation to site of perforation and donor site. Abdominal fat graft is as effective as Ear Lobule Fat, has cosmetic advantage, sufficient in quantity and should be taken into consideration when planning fat as the graft source. Fat Graft Myringoplasty is a safe effective technique for closure of small dry central perforation of TM as an outpatient procedure. The advantages of this technique are simple, no need for GA, need minimal sedation, no need of hair shaving, less operating time, reduced otological trauma from manipulating tympanic cavity, faster recovery with no need of post operative dressing, cost effective, bilateral perforation can be repaired using fat graft in the same setting, minimum post operative morbidity.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Fat Graft Myringoplasty ; Small TM perforation ; PTA ; Ear Lobule Fat : abdominal Fat ; Day Care Surgery.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Otolaryngology
Depositing User: Subramani R
Date Deposited: 15 Jul 2018 07:01
Last Modified: 15 Jul 2018 07:01
URI: http://repository-tnmgrmu.ac.in/id/eprint/8822

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