Endoscopic medial orbitotomy.

Vinod, Felix (2008) Endoscopic medial orbitotomy. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Man’s quest for excellence has found its origins since time immemorial. Surgeons have been striving to perfect the artistry of their science since then. Although condemned to be apothecaries in the early part they have pursued with absolute dedication to produce marvelous results. The evolution has gifted important improvement, conclusions and life to many patients. Endoscopic sinus surgery was previously restricted only to tackling pathological conditions in the nose and paranasal sinuses like chronic sinusitis and nasal polyposis. Over the years the scope of Endoscopic sinus surgery has considerably widened with the nasal endoscope now being routinely used to access even the surrounding regions like the orbit, optic nerve, lacrimal sac and the pituitary gland to name a few. Similarly CSF leaks which previously required external craniotomy procedures can now be safely and effectively closed by the endoscopic trans-nasal approach. The chief advantages of the endoscopic route are decreased morbidity and better cosmesis wherein external scars are avoided. A prospective analysis of 25 cases of Endoscopic medial orbitotomy done for various indications by the Professors and Assistant professors of UIORL, was done. On analysis of the age and sex distribution of the cases it was found that 60% of the cases were male patients and 40% were female patients.76% of the patients were in 16-45years age group, of which 40% belonged to 16-30years age group and 36% belonged to 31-45years age group. The most common indication requiring endoscopic medial orbitotomy in our set up is fungal sinusitis with orbital extension.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Endoscopic medial orbitotomy; fungal sinusitis
Subjects: MEDICAL > Otorhinolaryngology
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