Clinical study on Fournier's gangrene

Vigneswara srinivasan, S V (2013) Clinical study on Fournier's gangrene. Masters thesis, Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore.


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BACKGROUND: Fournier’s gangrene is necrotizing fasciitis of the external genitalia and perineum. OBJECTIVE: To study the etiology, microbiology, reconstructive procedures and mortality associated with fournier’s gangrene. STUDY PLACE AND PERIOD: Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, September 2011 to November 2012. METHODOLOGY: 34 patients presented to the outpatient department and emergency department were included in the study. Information regarding etiology, microbiology, reconstructive procedures and mortality was studied. RESULTS: The disease most commonly originates from anorectal source (35.3%). Diabetes mellitus is the most commonly associated comorbid factor (38.2%). The disease is most commonly Polymicrobial (79.4%). The most commonly isolated organism is E coli (47%). Mean number of debridement performed is 2.9. Reconstructive procedure were performed in 50% of individuals and primary closure is the commonly performed surgery (38.2%). Mortality associated with the series is 11.8%. FGSI is a useful indicator in predicting mortality. CONCLUSIONS : Despite of recent advances the disease still carries significant mortality. Early resuscitation with aggressive debridement is required in most of the cases.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Fournier’s gangrene ; necrotizing fasciitis ; diabetes mellitus ; Polymicrobial ; mortality ; reconstructive procedures.
Subjects: MEDICAL > General Surgery
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