Integrated clinical, FNA Cytological, Mammographical and Ultrasonographical Approach in the diagnosis of Breast Mass Lesions

Mohan, P (2013) Integrated clinical, FNA Cytological, Mammographical and Ultrasonographical Approach in the diagnosis of Breast Mass Lesions. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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From the very ancient period carcinoma breast has been one of the most common ailments affecting human civilization. It is the most common carcinoma causing death in females in western world whereas it is second most common cause next to carcinoma cervix in developing world like India. Though carcinoma breast seems easier to diagnose and treat but till today it is a challenge for medical professionals to restrain this malignant disease. The use of the physical examination, mammography, and fine-needle aspiration biopsy for diagnosing palpable lumps is referred to as ―triple diagnosis. There is excellent sensitivity (99%) and specificity (99%) with this approach. If any of these three modalities suggests cancer, excisional biopsy is warranted. A proper history and a thorough physical examination is the oldest and yet the most useful and indispensable method of diagnosis. Several irreproachable advantages of FNA cytology in assessment of breast lumps have made it the first line modality in the investigative sequence. Some of these advantages are : excellent patient compliance, short time required for planning of surgery and ancillary staging investigations without delay, avoidance of surgery in unequivocally benign conditions, equitable use of hospital and operation theatre facilities with reduction in the need of frozen section, excisional or core needle biopsies. Roentgenography to identify breast diseases was first used in 1913 at the University of Berlin. Since then, mammography has been widely accepted as a routine examination in the evaluation of breast diseases. Mammography is most widely used methods for detecting early breast cancer. Mammography is a special type of x-ray, used to create detailed images of the breast. Mammography uses low dose x- ray : high contrast - high resolution film; and an x-ray system designed specifically for imaging the breasts. Ultrasound is particularly useful in young women with dense breast in whom mammograms are difficult to interpret, and indistinguishing cysts from solid lesions. It can also be used to localize impalpable breast lumps. Ultrasound can be used to evaluate abnormalities in breast seen in mammography. Both detected and undetected breast mass by other modalities can go for ultrasound guided biopsy. Biopsy is highly accurate ways to evaluate suspicious masses within the breast that are visible on ultrasound, whether or not they can be felt on breast self examination or clinical examination. Ultrasound guided biopsy is most useful when there are suspicious changes on the mammography that can also be seen on an ultrasound examination, but no abnormality can be felt on breast self examination or clinical examination by your primary care physician. The aims of the study are: 1. To evaluate the various diagnostic modalities in breast mass lesion by FNAC, USG, Mammography and Clinical assessment. 2. Utility and importance of integrated clinical, FNA Cytological, mammographical and Ultrasonographical approach in the diagnosis and work up of patients with breast mass lesion. This is a retrospective study carried out in the department of general Surgery, Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai Medical College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Patients presenting in the surgery OPD between August 2010 to September 2012 with complaints of lump & other complaints in the breast who were admitted and subsequently operated were included in the study. The total number of cases studied were 80. This retrospective study was done to determine the usefulness of clinical examination, FNAC, mammography & USG in evaluating breast lumps.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Integrated clinical, FNA cytological, mammographical and ultrasonographical approach, breast mass lesions.
Subjects: MEDICAL > General Surgery
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