A Study of Pattern of Secretion of Melatonin in Saliva and Sleep Parameters in Shift Workers

Sasikumar, N S (2015) A Study of Pattern of Secretion of Melatonin in Saliva and Sleep Parameters in Shift Workers. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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BACK GROUND: Globalization and industrialization has lead the shift workers vulnerable for circadian rhythm sleep disorders. AIM AND OBJECTIVE: To know how far the sleep parameters secretory pattern of melatonin levels in saliva are deviated in shift workers from that of the day workers. MATERIALS AND METHOD: The study included 30 age matched male shift workers (mean [SD] age: 21.33 [0.48] years) and 30 healthy day workers (mean [SD] age: 24.97 [2.55] years). Polysomnography was performed along with self rated subjective sleep scoring questionnaires. Three Saliva samples for the measurement of melatonin were collected from participants resting in dim light at 2 hr min intervals between 20:00 and 00:00 hr. RESULT: Total sleep time, Sleep Efficiency, and duration of rapid-eye-movement sleep showed a significant reduction while Slow-wave sleep (stages 3+4) doesn’t show a significant reduction in shift workers as compared with day workers. A significant decrease in time line trend of salivary secretion of melatonin was observed in shift workers. Subjective sleep scores were significantly more towards inadequate sleep for shift workers. CONCLUSION: The circadian phase is altered in shift workers as compared to day workers proved using salivary melatonin concentration as a marker of the same. This study showed shift workers are more prone for sleep disorders, affecting one’s health and productivity in society. Early diagnosis, behavioral and life style modification, health education and medication, may alleviate such problems.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: shift work ; polysomnography ; melatonin ; circadian cycle.
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