Analysis of Factors Favouring Acute Kidney Injury in Snake Bite Patients

Deyagarasan, E (2015) Analysis of Factors Favouring Acute Kidney Injury in Snake Bite Patients. Masters thesis, Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur.


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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Snake bite poisoning is a major dreadful event to the human beings. The complications related to kidneys are observed in majority of patients with poisonous snake bite.This study is an attempt to study the various clinical profile of snake bite patients and evaluation of acute kidney injury in them. METHODOLOGY: Fifty patients with snake bite induced acute kidney injury were selected randomly and their clinical profiles were analysed and AKI was evaluated using noninvasive methods. RESULTS: Out of 50 patients in the study, coagulopathy was observed in 100% of patients, dehydration in 68%, russel viper among the common species of 68%, cellulitis in 52%, with no major advantage of giving high dose ASV and early institution of ASV. CONCLUSION: Coagulopathy is a major factor in causing aki followed by dehydration and russel viper bite. There is no major advantage in giving high dose ASV or early institution of ASV or cellulitis.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Snake bite ; coagulopathy ; dehydration ; cellulitis ; AKI ; ASV.
Subjects: MEDICAL > General Medicine
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