A Study of Lipid Profile in Nondiabetics with Stroke

Mythili, S (2015) A Study of Lipid Profile in Nondiabetics with Stroke. Masters thesis, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.


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AIM OF THE STUDY: The aim is to study the serum lipid profile in non diabetics with stroke and to determine significant correlation between them. OBJECTIVE: The objective is to know about the association between dyslipidemia and non diabetic stroke patients which can help modify our prevention and treatment strategies. Type of Study: Cross Sectional study. Place of Study: Study was conducted on patients of Kilpauk Medical College Hospital for six months. Patients and controls were tested for fasting lipid profile 12 hours after overnight fast. Participants: Participants were 60 patients of non diabetic stroke and 60 controls. Among the 60 patients 37 were males and 23 were females. In controls there were 37 males and 23 females. Age and sex matched controls were selected. Stroke patients with infarct or haemorrage in CT brain were included in the study. RESULTS: In this study total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides were significantly associated with risk of stroke. In this study 56.7% of patients had HDL<40 mg/dl, 41.7% had total cholesterol >200 mg/dl, 65% of them had LDL cholesterol > 100 mg/dl and 43.3 % of patients had VLDL >30 mg/dl. CONCLUSION: Our study was conducted on 60 non-diabetic stroke patients and 60 controls. Exclusion was done because diabetes is associated with hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis. This study showed significant association of total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol in non-diabetics with stroke. High levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol are associated with higher risk of stroke. Lowered HDL cholesterol levels were not significantly associated with stroke. The ratio of HDL/LDL Cholesterol, TG/HDL cholesterol was calculated. Dyslipidemia is a tip in iceberg. Dyslipidemia if properly treated being a modifiable risk factor for stroke it decreasing the incidence of stroke due to dyslipidemia. This leads to decreased morbidity and mortality leading to a healthier society.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Nondiabetics ; Stroke ; Lipid Profile.
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