Clinical and Radiographic Assessment of Socket Augmented and Non Augmented Maxillary Single Edentulous Site Restored using Sintered Porous Surfaced Dental Implant (Endopore®): A Comparative Study

Akbar, Abdul Rahim (2012) Clinical and Radiographic Assessment of Socket Augmented and Non Augmented Maxillary Single Edentulous Site Restored using Sintered Porous Surfaced Dental Implant (Endopore®): A Comparative Study. Masters thesis, Ragas Dental College and Hospital, Chennai.


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BACKGROUND: To restore a single edentulous site with a Dental implant has become a viable option in modern dentistry. The dental implants placed in pristine ridges have shown long term success in terms of function and esthetics. But such pristine ridges have almost become a myth. Mostpatients report with previous traumatic history or with deficient alveolar ridge as an iatrogenic factor. Hence, indicated for augmentation prior to replacement. The purpose of this study is to assess the clinical and the radiological changes that could occur in the previously socket augmented site in comparison with non augmented maxillary single edentulous site after placement ofsintered porous surfaced dental implants (ENDOPORE®). MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 14 systemically healthy patients irrespective of gender within the age group of 20 - 55 years, who required replacement of single edentulous site in maxilla with Dental implant were enrolled in this study. Among them 7 patients had previously socket augmented maxillary single edentulous sites and the other 7 patients had adequate ridge. Pre-operative diagnostic evaluation was done clinically, radiographically using intra oral peri apical radiographs and orthopantomograph and also with Dental study model as required. Two stage endosseous Dental implant procedure was performed under local anesthesia using the Sintered porous surfaced Dental implants (ENDOPORE®) with its standard press-fit protocol. The clinical parameters such as the width of the keratinized gingiva and gingival phenotype and were assessed at baseline, 3rd month and 6th month along with the crestal bone level which was assessed radiographically. All these clinical and radiographical values obtained during the healing period were evaluated statistically using student t test. Following the completion of 6 month healing period all patients received the Implants prosthesis and assessed further on regular recall visits. RESULTS: No clinical or radiographical complications were observed during or after the surgical procedure. All implants placed in this study healed uneventfully with no inflammatory signs and symptoms during initial six months healing period following implant placement. One patient among the control group did not report for 6th month follow up, therefore was not evaluated in the present study. It was observed that the soft tissue parameters such as the width of keratinized gingiva and the gingival phenotype, showed no statistical difference between baseline, 3rd month and 6th month values. Both the groups reported an acceptable apical migration of the crestal bone level at the implant site. But these values showed no statistical significance when assessed at baseline, 3rd month and 6th month follow-up period. CONCLUSION: Within the limits of this study, it would be appropriate to concluded that in maxilla the hard and soft tissue of socket augmented or non augmented sites respond similarly when sintered porous surfaced dental implant (ENDOPORE®) were placed. However, further controlled clinical trials comparing the delayed implant placement on socket augmented sites with immediate implant placement in fresh extraction site could be more appropriately studied and large sample size should be executed for effective comparison between augmented and non augmented peri implant site response.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Maxillary Single edentulous site ; ENDOPORE® ; sintered porous surfaced dental implant ; socket Augmentation ; crestal bone level changes.
Subjects: DENTAL > Periodontology
Depositing User: Kambaraman B
Date Deposited: 13 May 2018 09:39
Last Modified: 24 Mar 2020 03:13

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