Partial Seizures - CT Brain, EEG, Clinical Correlation.

Sriramakrishnan, V (2006) Partial Seizures - CT Brain, EEG, Clinical Correlation. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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Epilepsy is as old as mankind. This disease is known to mankind even in the oldest civilization. About 3000 years ago a secondarily generalized major seizure was fully described in Akkadian, the oldest written language written in Mesopatomia (Now Iraq).(1) Epilepsy is the 8th leading cause of morbidity in children. Hughling Jackson was the first to classify seizures into generalized and focal (partial) in the year 1870. This classification still holds its place in the clinical description of epilepsy and in its management. International leaque against epilepsy, classifies epileptic seizures broadly into Partial (focal, local) seizures, Generalized seizures, Unclassified seizure, with sub division under each categories. Partial seizures are those in which in general the first clinical and Electroencephalographic changes indicate initial activation of a system of Neurons limited to part of one cerebral hemisphere. Many Investigations have suggested that people with partial seizures are more likely to have recurrence than generalized seizures. CONCLUSION: Partial seizures are equally distributed among Men and Women Patients with post ictal deficit have more chance of structural lesion. Our study has shown 28 out of 31 patients who has postictal clinical signs or deficit had abnormal CT brain (90%) Incidence of structural lesion in CT brain is more in patients who has an abnormal EEG. Moreso if EEG has lateralizing abnormality (43%) Contrast enhancing granuloma was the most common cause for partial seizure (55%) followed by CVA (21%) Contrast enhancing granuloma were predominantly situated in the parietal lobe. Parietal lobe lesions were the most common cause of partial seizure. EEG was most often abnormal in patients with contrast enhancing granuloma (62%) when compared to other lesions (44.3%).

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Partial Seizures ; CT Brain ; EEG ; Clinical Correlation.
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