Effect of Verapamil in Malaria

Latha, K (2007) Effect of Verapamil in Malaria. Masters thesis, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.


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Among the protozoal diseases malaria is the most devastating one and cerebral malaria can be fatal if not treated promptly. Several antimalarial drugs from the older quinine to the recent artemesinin are available today. Among them chloroquine is still the most commonly used and an effective antimalarial drug. But resistance to chloroquine developed by the malarial parasites posses a great problem in treating malaria. Hence prevention of development of such resistance is mandatory to prevent the malarial morbidity. Recent studies have shown that drugs such as verapamil, chlorpheniramine maleate, desipramine, etc reverse chloroquine resistance. Among these, verapamil has been widely reported as an effective resistance reverser by in vitro studies. But in vivo study establishing the efficacy of verapamil has not been carried out. Hence with an aim of finding out whether verapamil will be synergistic when given with chloroquine in all cases of malaria, a randomized controlled clinical study was conducted. The study has revealed that verapamil is synergistic when given with chloroquine by producing early reduction in temperature, early clearance of parasitemia and other constitutional symptoms. As the dose administered is very small (160 mg total, which can be a single antihypertensive dose) no untoward effects occurred in any of the patients. Hence this drug can be safely used along with chloroquine in malaria for early recovery and to shorten hospitalization as well as reduce the cost of therapy. CONCLUSION: It can be concluded from this study that, 1. Verapamil is effective in malaria. 2. Verapamil has a synergistic action when given with chloroquine in malaria. 3. It is safe. 4. Hence it can be used along with chloroquine both in sensitive and resistant malaria for better efficacy and early recovery.

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