Clinico Epidemiological study of Contact Dermatitis to kumkum

Subhashini, S (2015) Clinico Epidemiological study of Contact Dermatitis to kumkum. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION: Kumkum is customarily used by Hindus all over the world for religious belief. It is traditionally prepared by combining turmeric with an alkali. Due to recent entry of commercial kumkum in the market, the chemicals used, sensitize the individuals on chronic exposure and produce contact dermatitis. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The aim is to study the age and sex incidence of kumkum dermatitis among patients attending our OPD, types of clinical presentation, clinical pattern of distribution, association with atopy, association between the duration of exposure to kumkum and the onset of clinical manifestation and to confirm allergic contact dermatitis by doing patch test. MATERIALS AND METHODS: About 50 cases of contact dermatitis with history of exposure to kumkum attending the Occupational contact dermatitis outpatient department were included in the study. A written consent, detailed clinical history, routiee investigations were done. Patch test was performed using allergens in kumkum and the patient used kumkum. RESULTS: The incidence of kumkum dermatitis was 4.48% among 33.87% of our OPD. Female to male ratio was 2.8:1 The mean age of distribution was 44.32 years.The mean duration of exposure is 17.64 years. Pigmented contact dermatitis seen in 80% (40 patients), allergic contact dermatitis in 5 patients (10%) and no visible skin changes in 5 patients (10%). Forehead is the common site involved in 19 patients (38%). Forehead & hairparting in 7 patients (14%), glabella in 6 patients (12%), hairparting & glabella in 6 patients (12 %), in 5 patients (10%) had no visible clinical changes. hair parting area only in 2 patients (10%). CONCLUSION: Our patients were treated symptomatically and showed good clinical improvement. Adviced to avoid using kumkum and suggested other alternatives. This study is done to emphasizes the need for standardization in commercial kumkum manufacturing and to stress the importance of adding these allergens in India standard series.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Contact Dermatitis ; kumkum ; Clinico Epidemiological study.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Dermatology Venereology and Leprosy
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Date Deposited: 05 May 2018 05:37
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