A Study on the Branching Pattern and Variations of the Coeliac Artery and Its Branches

Srividhya, E (2015) A Study on the Branching Pattern and Variations of the Coeliac Artery and Its Branches. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Coeliac artery is the major source of blood supply to the supracolic abdominal compartment. It commonly divides into left gastric, splenic and common hepatic arteries. Variations in its origin and branching pattern are frequently observed during cadaveric dissection and radiological imaging. These variations although asymptomatic become significant in patients undergoing diagnostic angiography and invasive procedures of the abdomen. In the present study the coeliac artery was complete with all three branches emerging from it in 78% and had aberrant branches in 22%. The aberrant branches encountered were the right and left inferior phrenic arteries and the dorsal pancreatic artery. Replaced left hepatic artery arising from left gastric artery was observed in 4%. In 2% of the specimens the common hepatic artery quadrifurcated into left hepatic artery, right hepatic artery, gastroduodenal artery and cystic artery. The observations made in this study could help surgeons minimize iotrogenic injury during abdominal surgeries. It may also facilitate accurate radiological interpretation

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Coeliac artery ; Hepatic artery ; Inferior phrenic artery ; Dorsal pancreatic artery.
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