A Study on Diagnostic Methodology in Muzhankaal Vaatham through Siddha Parameters (Ennvagai Thervugal)

Rajeshwari, M (2013) A Study on Diagnostic Methodology in Muzhankaal Vaatham through Siddha Parameters (Ennvagai Thervugal). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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AIM AND OBJECTIVES: AIM: MUZHANKAAL VAATHAM is a degenerative disease that represents a major cause of morbidity and disability as well as significant economic burden on man power and health care resources. In India 22% to 39% peoples are victims of MUZHANKAAL VAATHAM. Less than 5% - between 15 – 44 years of age group. 25%-30% between 45-64 years of age group. 60% - 90% older than 65 years affected by this disease. In our system of Indian medicine Ennvagai thervu plays a unique role in our diagnostic approach. Ennvagai thervu not only plays a diagnostic role but also helps even to determine the life span of patients, prognosis, fate of the disease. To overcome the expenditure made upon modern diagnostic tools the alternate way that is Ennvagai thervu plays an inevitable role. The aim is to evaluate the significance of siddha parameters in the diagnosis of Muzhankaal Vaatham. OBJECTIVES: 1. The aim is to establish the following objectives. 2. To review the literature about Vatham in general and Muzhankaal Vaatham in specific. 3. To evaluate the etiology of Muzhankaal Vaatham from literature. 4. To study in detail about the etiopathogenesis of Muzhankaal Vaatham via Uyir Dhathukkal. 5. To study the significance of Manikkadai Nool in the diagnosis of Muzhankaal Vaatham. 6. To document the Ennvagai Thervugal in the disease Muzhankaal Vaatham MATERIALS AND METHODS : The pathological evaluation of the disease MUZHANKAAL VAATHAM was carried out in out patient as well as in patient department at Government Siddha Medical College & Hospital, Palayamkottai. SELECTION OF CASES: Cases with similar symptoms of MUZHANKAAL VAATHAM were selected from OP and IP departments of Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai and followed by the author whose work was under the close supervision of the faculties of the post graduate Noi naadal Department. Exclusion Criteria : In addition to MUZHANKAAL VAATHAM patients who ever having other clinical symptoms like smaller joints pain, morning stiffness and joint pain associated with Diabetes mellitus, and past history of trauma, other systemic diseases like hypertension, respiratory diseases and cardiac diseases were carefully excluded from the study. Evaluation of the Clinical Parameters: 1. Detailed history of present and past illness. 2. Family History. 3. Personal History. 4. Occupational History. 5. In females obstetrics & Gynae cological history. 6. Socio – economic status. 7. Dietary habits. 8. Seasonal variations. Symptoms and Signs of Muzhankaal Vaatham: 1. Aching pain in the knee joint. 2. Swelling. 3. Tenderness. 4. Crepitus. 5. Restriction of joint movements. Clinical Diagnosis Through Siddha Parameters: 1. Poriyaal therdhal 2. Pulanaal therdhal 3. Vinaathal. 4. Changes in udal thathukkal. 5. Changes in uyir thathukkal. 6. Noi utra kaalam, Nilam. 7. Ennvagai thervugal including neerkuri and neikuri. 8. Manikkadai nool. MODERN PARAMETERS: Haematological investigation: Blood: 1. Total count of RBC. 2. Total WBC count. 3. ESR. 4. Haemoglobin Bio - chemical Analysis : 1. Blood sugar. 2. Blood urea. 3. Serum cholesterol. Urine Analysis : 1. Albumin. 2. Sugar. 3. Deposits. 4. Confirmatory Diagnosis X-Ray - knee joint, Ap view, lateral view. CONCLUSION: 1. The observational study concluded that Ennvagai thervu plays a potential role in diagnosing MUZHANKAAL VAATHAM. 2. Age, sex plays a creditable value in developing since MUZHANKAAL VAATHAM is a disease of degenerative manifestation. 3. Observations made through detecting pathological changes in Naa, Niram, vizhi, Malam, Moothiram, Sparisam, Naadi paved ways to confirm diagnosis. 4. The pathological changes observed through Enn vagai thervugal in Muzhankaal vatham seems to resemble the clinical manifestation of osteo arthritis of knee joint. 5. Modern diagnostic parameters helped to evaluvate the significance of Ennvagai thervugal in a scientific approach.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Diagnostic Methodology ; Osteoarthritis ; Muzhankaal Vaatham ; Siddha Parameters (Ennvagai Thervugal).
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