A Study on Diagnostic Methodology of Manthara Kasam in the Context of Ennvagai Thervugal

Sunilkumar, G (2013) A Study on Diagnostic Methodology of Manthara Kasam in the Context of Ennvagai Thervugal. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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INTRODUCTION: Siddha system is one of the oldest systems of medicine in India. It was propounded by lord Siva as a scientific and spiritual benevolence to his disciples. The system was woven into a discipline of reputation by symphoms of eighteen siddhars. Siddha literature is in tamil and it is practised largely in tamil speaking part of India and abroad. The siddha system is largely therapeutic in nature. The siddha system of medicine is a practice of Arts and Science, the citadel of medical systems. The term siddha means achievements and Siddhars were saintly persons who achieved results in medicine. Eighteen Siddhars were said to have contributed towards the development of this medical system. Again, this had resulted in alchemy meant for the preparation of long acting, potent, high – tech medicines for the treatment of incurable diseases. A few others practiced exclusively herbal components as a source of nutrition, Medicine and food, thus testifying a plant with medical property as herb. Further, for the management of a few clinical conditions a long acting potent minerals were also transformed into medicine. In brief, Siddha envizages the use of herbs, minerals, metals and as a matter of fact any organic material available in universe. Manthara Kasam may be correlated with bronchial asthma. According to Siddha literatures Manthara Kasam is curable. The disease Manthara kasam is widely prevalent among human population, so the author bound to reveal the causative factors, Pathology and identifying the diagnostic methodology through siddha system. AIM AND OBJECTIVES: AIM: To evaluate the disease Manthara Kasam through Ennvagi thervugal. Objectives: 1. To study the role of Ennvagi thervugal in the disease Manthara kasam. 2. To study the effect of Manikadainool in the diagnosis of Manthara kasam. 3. To collect the ancient Siddha Literatures about Manthara kasam. 4. To evaluate the siddha basic physiology and Pathology. 5. To study the clinical course of the disease Manthara Kasam with clean observation on the Aetiology, clinical features Pathology and diagnosis. 6. To find out the changes that occurs in uyirthatukkal and udalkattukkal. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The clinical study on “Manthara Kasam” has been taken in the post graduate department of Noi Naadal. The clinical study was done in 40 cases, of them 36 cases were included in the study under the supervision of faculties and head of the department of P.G. Noi Naadal department. Clinical Parameters: 1. The detailed history and clinical features of the patients were taken carefully. 2. The clinical history. 3. Detail history of present and past illness. 4. Personal and family history. 5. Diet habits. 6. Exposure to cold weather. Clinical features for Manthara Kasam: 1. Running nose. 2. Sneezing. 3. Tightness of chest. 4. Breath sound like “hissing of snake”. 5. Sweating all over the body. 6. cough without expectoration. 7. Breathlessness. Study on Siddha Clinical Diagnosis: Siddha diagnosis was also made by the following methods. 1. Poriyal arithal. 2. Pulanal arithal. 3. Vinathal. 4. Changes in uyir thatukkal. 5. Changes in udal kattugal. 6. Noi utra kalam. 7. Manikadainool. 8. Ennvagai Thervugal. CONCLUSION: Envagai thervu reveals the dearranged humor of the disease, diagnostic and prognostic value of the disease and fate of the disease. • In Envagai thervu, naadi and neikuri has more significant in diagnostic, prognostic value of the disease and the correlation of the tools mozhi and sparisam can be considered in arriving a perfect diagnosis, prognosis and also in designing the treatment protocol. • Manikadainool not play a major role in the diagnosis of manthara kasam. • Manthara Kasam can be diagnosed via clinical history and clinical symptoms and Envagai thervugal. • “Manthara kasam” may be correlates with Bronchial asthma, which has given revalence to modern clinical entity.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Manthara Kasam ; Diagnostic Methodology ; Context of Ennvagai Thervugal.
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