A Study on Diagnostic Methodology of Vaadha Karappan in the Context of Ennvagai Thervugal

Soundharya, M (2013) A Study on Diagnostic Methodology of Vaadha Karappan in the Context of Ennvagai Thervugal. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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AIM AND OBJECTIVES: AIM: A study on diagnostic methodology of Vaadha Karappan in the context of Ennvagai Thervugal. OBJECTIVES: 1. To have a detailed literary review on Vaadha Karappan in the topics definition, aetiopathogenesis and classification from various siddhar’s text. 2. To evaluate the aetiology Karappan Pandangal (allergic food stuffs) in Siddha & Modern. 3. To study the pathogenesis of Vaadha Karappan in the context of Udar Dhaathukal and Uyir Dhaathukal. 4. To differentiate Vaadha Karappan from other types as in siddhar Yugi Munivar’s text. 5. To find the actual explanation of Karappan and Kuttam in Siddha science. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study on the diagnostic methodology of Vaadha Karappan was carried out in out patient section in the post graduate, Noi Naadal Department, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai. 40 patients were studied and their bodily changes were recorded by Ennvagai thervugal examination. Selection of Patients. The study was done in 40 patients and they were selected on the basis of clinical symptoms indicted in siddhar’s text. Selection Criteria: Inclusion Criteria: 1. Both sexes. 2. 1 year of age to 70 years. 3. Hyperpigmented maculopopular rashes over the body associated with itching, scaling, oozing and oedematous condition. 4. Patients history of any photosensitive, food, contact allergies. 5. Individuals related to occupation which can cause allergies. 6. Individuals with venous competence in lower limbs. Exclusion Criteria: 1. Ichtytyosis. 2. Fixed drug eruptions. 3. Tinea infections. 4. Skin rashes of Enanthematous fevers. 5. Itching in Cholestatic Jaundice. 6. Seborrhoeic dermatitis. 7. Itching in hypothyroidism. 8. Lichen planus. METHODOLOGY: Study Design: Observational type of study. Study Enrollment: In the study, patients reporting at the OPD & IPD of Government Siddha Medical College and Hospital, Palayamkottai with the clinical symptoms of “Vaadha Karappan” will be referred to the Research group. Those patients will be screened using the screening proforma (Form-I) and examined clinically for enrolling in the study based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Based on the inclusion criteria the patients will be included first and excluded from the study on the same day if they hit the exclusion criteria. • The patients who are to be enrolled would be informed (Form IV-A) about the study, and the objectives of the study in the language and terms understandable for them. • After ascertaining the patients’ willingness, a written informed consent would be obtained from them in the consent form (Form IV). • All these patients will be given unique Register card in which patients’ Register number of the study, Address, Phone number and Doctors phone number etc. will be given, so as to report to research group easily if any complication arises. • Complete clinical history, complaints and duration, examination findings all would be recorded in the prescribed proforma in the history and clinical assessment and lab investigation forms. CONCLUSION: 1. The disease Vaadha Karappan highly an allergic skin disease differs from other infectious Karappan disease. The disease can be purely clinically diagnosed. 2. Ennvagai Thervugal examination has helped in identifying the deranged humour of the disease. All the observations should be finalised with clinical correlation and then perfect diagnosis can be made. 3. The aetiology of the disease is well known and so the Karappan Pandangal can be avoided to prevent the disease. 4. Vaadha Karappan in Modern Science may be correlated to eczema, as it is the allergic skin disease in Modern Science. 5. The author likes to conclude that the Ennvagai thervugal examination has helped for identifying the deranged humour in Vaadha Karappan. 6. And the Ennvagai Thervugal on further clinical evaluation, can be made a cost effective diagnostic tool of siddha in upcoming years.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Vaadha Karappan ; Diagnostic Methodology ; Context of Ennvagai Thervugal.
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