A Study on Annaku Thooru Azharchi

Vetrivel, K (2009) A Study on Annaku Thooru Azharchi. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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AIM AND OBJECTIVES: “Prevention is better than cure” All of us know this way of living is better, but no body know how to prevent ourself from diseases. In this modern days “The children” the next generation of our country facing many problem physically as well as mentally. They are affected by diseases very easily because they are not good enough to protect against diseases. In childhood the cild easily affected by the Respiratory and Nutritional diseases. This is the common problem found among the children. If the disease of child is cured in childhood itself means, then the child place themselves in a better place in future to serve for our nation. So the author decided to take the child’s problem of respiratory systems. The disease Annakku Thooru Azharchi is the most common upper respiratory infection in childrens. The signs and symptoms of this disease correlate with Tonsillitis. If Annakku Thooru Azharchi was not properly treated it leads to the life threatening complications like Rheumatic fever, Acute glomerulo nephritis etc., The author has selected the disease Annakku Thooru Azharchi to safe guard the childrens from this disease and from the life threatening complications with the medicine Karpoora Valli Mathirai. The objectives are as follows, 1. To make a detailed study of Annakku Thooru Azharchi on the basis of Siddha literature. 2. To utilize and expose the unique diagnostic method mentioned by the siddhars and to know how the disease altered the normal conditions of Mukkutram, Pori pulangal, Ezhu Udal Kattukal and Envagai thervugal. 3. To divide a comparative clinical study with the particular medicines mentioned above. 4. To have an idea about the incidence of the disease with age, sex, socio economic status, Family history and seasonal variation. 5. To know the degree of correlation on aetiology, classifications, signs and symptoms of Annakku Thooru Azharchi in siddha medicine with that of modern medicine. 6. To evaluate the bio-chemical, pharmacological and anti microbial studies of the drugs used for the treatment of the disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: MATERIALS: A Clinical trial on Annakku thooru Azarchi was carried out in Govt. Siddha Medical College Hospital, Palayamkottai. Cases are studied under the guidance of the professor and Lecturer of Post graduate Department of Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam both in Outpatients and In-patients ward. 20 cases with clinical signs and symptoms of Annakku thooru Azarchi of both sexes under the age of 12 were selected and treated with Karpooravalli mathirai – 1 twice daily with honey. Parameters of Case Selection: Cases were selected from out - patient department and the parameters of Case selection were, 1. Sore throat. 2. yellow (or) white coating of the tonsils. 3. Swelling of the tonsils (or) throat. 4. Fever. 5. Painful / difficult swallowing. 6. Cervical lymphadenitis. 7. Bad breath (halitosis). Patients aging under 12 years were only selected for this study. Clinical Examinations: Patients were subjected to Physical examination on Siddha Methodology “PINIYARI MURAIMAI” Piniyari Muraimai has three main principles: 1. Porialarithal. 2. Pulanalarithal and, 3. Vinathal. SUMMARY: In siddha system of medicine even though many disease of children were explained with their classification, symptoms and treatment. Annakku Thooru Azharchi was not explained elaborately. Siddhars had mentioned many medicines for this disease. So from the available text. Annakku thooru Azharchi signs, symptoms and clinical features were collected and the medicines mentioned are taken for the study. Majority of childrens has annakkuthorru azharchi as common problem in their early stage of life. Annakku thooru Azharchi. Clinical feature reveals that this is a disease of tonsils and has close association with the immunity of the children. It is one of the common upper respiratory infection affecting children. Among 20 cases, diagnosis established by siddha and modern methodology reveals that the incidence of Annakku thooru Azharchi is greater in childrens with age group of 6 -11 years. During this study the incidence of disease was more common in Elavenil and Munpani. In elavenil sour taste gets thannilai valarchi and astrigent tastes gets vetrunilai valarchi which increases kabam. This makes high incidence of Annakuru Thooru Azharchi. In munpani kaalam sugar tastes gets tannilai varlarchi and pungent taste gets vetrunilai valarchi which makes the Annakku Thooru Azharchi. The Envaai thervugal helped to diagnose disease to a large extent. To confirm the diagnosis the available modern techniques, described previously were employed. Regarding the treatment, all the patients were treated with Karpoora valli mathirai. internally for an average of 5-6 days. The observation made during this study showed that the trial medicine was clinically effective. Their blood tests also showed encouraging improvement. The pharmacological action of the trial drug has moderate acute anti–inflammatory, analgesic and chronic anti –inflammatory actions. The anti pyretic action of karpooravalli mathirai was mild. Anti bacterial activity of the trial drug was sensitive against Group A streptococcus,staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Biochemical analysis revealed the trial drugs contains calcium, sulphate, ferrous and Tannic acid. The improvement in the conditions of the patients was observed from the second day of treatment itself in general. All the patients showed very good response. no patients developed any adverse side effect. The action of the drug and progress in patients symptoms encouraging. CONCLUSION: The treatment of Karpooravalli Mathirai for Annakku Thooru Azharchi showed good results. The trial drug is easily palatable to children. Raw drugs of this trial medicine is easily available and the preparation of medicine is also simple. The cost of trial medicine is comparatively very low. Drug is safe for the treatment of childrens as though all the ingredients are herbals. No adverse effects were noticed during the course of treatment. So it is concluded that in developing country like India, the therapy of Karpooravalli Mathirai can be very good in the view of efficacy, safety and cost, in the chemotheraphy for Annakku Thooru Azharchi.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Tonsils ; Tonsillitis ; Annaku Thooru Azharchi ; Karpoora Valli Mathirai.
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