A Study on Sirangu

Hema, R (2009) A Study on Sirangu. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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The clinical study on Sirangu with reference to its aetiology, classification, clinical features, treatment and prognosis in both siddha system as well as modern system of medicine were carried out it the Inpatient ward of post graduate department of Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam. All the patients were treated with Chiruthetkodukilai Chooranam 250mg – 1gm thrice a day after meals as internal medicine and sirangu ennai externally. They were treated for four to ten days depending upon the severity of illness. They were also adviced to attend the out-patient ward for further follow up. Routine laboratory investigations available in the college were done and the prognosis of the palient was noted daily. The trail drugs had corrected the clinical features and restored the skin to normal. In this study twelve cases had good relief, six had moderate relief and two cases had mild relief. The herb is available in almost all seasons and the preparation of medicine is very simple. The ingredients of the trial medicine are very cheap and economic. Clinically the drugs were free from adverse effect during the course of the treatment. Pharmacological study showed that the internal medicine Chiruthetkodukilai Chooranam had significant Anti-histamine, significant acute and chronic Anti – inflammatory Action. The external medicine sirangu ennai had significant acute antiinflammatory action. The trial drug Chiruthetkodukilai chooranam had good antibacterial activity to staphylococcus. This ensures the efficacies of the trial drugs, which were also proved clinically. CONCLUSION: In this clinical study results were found to be satisfactory. 60% of cases showed good response, 30% of cases showed moderate response and only 10% of cases showed mild response. The trial drugs were very effective to the patients and there was no recurrence of symptoms. Clinically the drugs are free from adverse effects and so they are useful for long term therapy for pediatrics. The drugs are also very cheap and easily available. So it is concluded that sirangu is a controllable and curable diseases with Chiruthetkodukilai Chooranam and Sirangu ennai along with good personal hygiene.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Sirangu ; Chiruthetkodukilai Chooranam.
Subjects: AYUSH > Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam
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