A Study on Mantha Kazhichal

Leela, R (2013) A Study on Mantha Kazhichal. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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Mantha Kazhichal (Dysentery) is a disease affecting mainly the large intestine and very common in children as per the Siddha and Modern Systems of Medicine. To treat children with MANTHA KAZHICHAL, a Siddha Trial Drug; Vasambu chooranam has been prepared. The collection, confirmation and purification of all ingredients have been described. The method of preparation of Vasambu chooranam has also been described. The biochemical analysis of the Trial Drug shows the presence of aminoacids, unsaturated compounds, calcium, ferrous iron, chloride, and tannic acid the results have been tabulated. The pharmacological effects such as antispasmodic, antidiarrhoeal, acute and chronic anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and styptic effects of trial drug have been studied and the results have been tabulated. The antimicrobial action of the Trial Drug on entroinvasive microbes such as, E.coli, Klensiella, Shigella Dysteriae, Staphylococcus aureus, proteus and Pseudomonas have also been studied and the results have been tabulated. The Trial Drug, Vasambu chooranam has been used to treat 20 inpatients (from July 2012 to December 2012) of children affected by MANTHA KAZHICHAL. Dehydrated children having lactose intolerance and in need of emergency treatment were excluded for this study. Before treatment, the signs and symptoms for Mantha Kazhichal are noticed and confirmed by clinical analyses. During treatment, the dose of 250 mg to 500mg of Vasambu chooranam, thrice a day before meals, along with cow’s butter milk has been given to children affected by Mantha Kazhichal depending on their age, body weight and severeness of the disease. No side effect has been noticed during treatment with Vasambu chooranam. By analysing and taking into consideration of all these results, it is inferred that the Vasambu chooranam has effective actions in controlling the Mantha Kazhichal. CONCLUSION: Vasambu chooranam ha significant antimicrobial, anti diarrhoeal, styptic, antispasmodic, antipyretic and anti inflammatory actions. It has shown very good result in controlling bacillary dysentery. In the present observation, it is also proved that it is an effective treatment for bacillary dysentery. No adverse effect were observed in the Vasambu chooranam treated patients. The drug is a herbal product, easily available, harmless to infants and children. The dose of the drug used in the present study is to be used in paediatric practice to treat children with Mantha kazhichal. Because of these encouraging outcoming results, the study may be undertaken with same medicine in a large number of cases and it may open new windows for the treatment of “Mantha Kazhichal”.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Dysentery ; Mantha Kazhichal ; Vasambu chooranam.
Subjects: AYUSH > Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam
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Date Deposited: 24 Apr 2018 14:35
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