Evaluation of Temporal Bone in Cholesteatoma Patients by High Resolution Computed Tomography.

Chitrarasan, P (2007) Evaluation of Temporal Bone in Cholesteatoma Patients by High Resolution Computed Tomography. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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The human temporal bone is an extremely complex structure that contains the organs of hearing and balance with many other components as major vessels and nerves coursing through it. It is also in direct contact with vital cranial structures that include the brain-stem, Cerebellum, temporal lobe etc. Because of its many important and diverse functions imaging of temporal bone has been of great interest since the earliest development of roentgenography. A major advantage in diagnostic imaging has occurred with the Introduction of high resolution computed tomography and MRI, Which have challenged the older modalities and has made it possible to obtain high quality images with exquisite demonstration of most of the Normal temporal bone structures and numerous pathological process. Though MRI has expanded the range of pathology that can be Accurately evaluated because of its superb soft tissue delineation, it cannot image bony structures. HRCT provides excellent detail of bony landmarks with in temporal bone due to inherent contrast, its dense bone being surrounded by air of the tympanic cavity and mastoid air cells. It has also added a Whole new dimension to evaluation of the temporal bone by allowing visualization of the soft tissue components within and adjacent to the Temporal bone. Because HRCT can assess this area with unprecedented accuracy, It has allowed better understanding of the etiology, pathology, the disease course, earlier detection of complications and alter treatment Modality which has considerably reduced the morbidity and mortality Pertaining to lesions in this region. Infections of middle ear are common and much of temporal bone Surgery are done for infections of the ear. Cholesteatoma is traditionally diagnosed by otoscopic examination and treated by explorative surgery. The need for imaging in an uncomplicated case is contentious. This study assesses the usefulness of a pre-operative high-resolution CT scan in depicting the status of the Middle ear structures in the presence of cholesteatoma.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Evaluation ; Temporal Bone ; Cholesteatoma Patients ; High Resolution Computed Tomography.
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