Haematinic activity of Puli Ilai Chooranam (Tamarindus indica (L) and Hepatoprotective activity of Chara Parpam.

Arunmozhi, P (2013) Haematinic activity of Puli Ilai Chooranam (Tamarindus indica (L) and Hepatoprotective activity of Chara Parpam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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The herbo mineral preparation Chara parpam was prepared as per the classical way. This drug was subjected to various studies. Chara parpam was selected for this study to establish the protection and efficacy of its Hepatoprotective activity on Kamalai. I was collected the information about the drug, various text books, Literature was referred. From them, the author came to an idea about the drug and its efficacy on Kalleral noi a brief description about modern aspect and Siddha aspect of the mineral Charam and Vediyuppu its identifying characters and Physico – chemical data’s were given. The Physico – chemical analysis shows the precence of Sulphate, chloride, iron, calcium, pottasium. These elements are useful in many metabolic functions of our body. Acute and Subacute toxicological studies show strong evidence of the nontoxic-effect of the Chara parpam. The results showed Chara parpam is safe and explained the extensive utilization of the Siddha medicine. The pharmacological analysis showed that the drug has got significant Hepatoprotective Efficacy. In clinical study, the drug has showed improvement in 60% of cases. The patients were responding well from the beginning of the treatment and no adverse effects were reported. This present study suggests that Chara parpam has remarkable medicinal value against the disease Kalleral noi. CONCLUSION: Chara parpam is a distinctive type medicine, which is made up by a special type of preparation method mentioned in Pathartha guna vilakkam written by S.Kannusami pillai. Literature survey, Physico chemical anatysis, Chemical analysis, was showed the efficacy of charam related to Liver diseases. Juice of Justicia adathoda is also having the traditional usage in treatement of liver diseases. The finding of the pre clinical study suggests that effective role of Chara parpam on liver disease with fatty infiltration of liver with inflammation and hepatic necrosis to cirrhosis. Chara parpam had remarkable effect on lipid with complete reduction in the lipid factors in the liver and its related enzymes. The metalloid drug could play similar role as extracellular calcium and it could evidence effective hepatoprotective drug. Significant efficacy of the drug its human dose prescribed in the siddha literature evidences only therapeutic efficacy rather preventive role. It may be suggested as a drug to fatty liver which finds negligence cure in modern medicine. This can be a definite alternative drug to modern allopathic drug in liver disease. The study reveals the possible mechanism of action on lipid lowering effect with potential anti oxidative role. In clinical trials, the drug shows the significant improvement of 60% in Hepato cellular diseases. Thus the innovative siddha science based Chara parpam had been proved by the modern scientific mechanism as a simple remedy to the complicated metabolic disorder in modern period.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Haematinic activity ; Puli Ilai Chooranam ; Tamarindus indica (L) ; Hepatoprotective activity ; Chara Parpam.
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