A Study on Vatha Karappan (வாத கரப்பான்)

Sridevi, - (2008) A Study on Vatha Karappan (வாத கரப்பான்). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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AIM AND OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study is to do a clinical study on the course of the disease “Vatha Karappan” – with seen interest and observation on the aetiology, patho physiology, diagnosis, complications and the treatment aspects. 1. The principle object of the study is to creat awareness for the siddha system of medicine among the observer of the various system of medicine. 2. To highlight the efficacy of siddha drugs among the common public. 3. To arrive at a clear cut idea about the incidence of disease in people of different age, life style, occupation, socio-economical status, Family history, and seasonal variations. 4. To know how the disease alters the normal conditions under the topics of Mukkutram, poripulangal, Envagi thervugal, Ezhu udar Kattugal, Neerkuri and Neikuri. 5. To have a clinical trial on patients with trial drugs. 6. To evaluate the bio-chemical analysis and pharmacological studies of the trial drugs. 7. To use the modern diagnostic parameters to Confirm and follow the progress of the disease. 8. To make an awareness among the people about the prevention and to avoid further recurrence of disease by personal hygienic measures. 9. To insist dietary restriction and yoga along with medicine to achieve best results. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION: The description about the aetiology, types, pathogenisis and clinical features of Vatha Karappan were found in many Siddha Literatures. • Clinical trial was conducted with 20 cases from both sexes of different age groups. • Before starting the treatment careful detailed history was carried out and recorded. • They were treated with ‘Vatha Karappan chooranam’ internally and ‘Vatha Karappanukku Amanukku ennai’ externally. • Along with medication the patients were advised over their dietary habits and to practice pranayama. • History, clinical findings, laboratory results, Envagai thervugal and uyir thathukkal were used for the diagnostic purpose. • The general improvements in the condition of the patients were observed from the end of the first week itself. In an average of 20 days treatment, all the patients showed satisfactory relief generally. • Most of the patients had showed quite encouraging progress. • The observations made during the clinical study shows that the internal drug is clinically very effective. • The action of external applications is also quite remarkable. • The drugs were found to be free from adverse effects during the entire course of treatment. • The herbs are available in almost all season and preparation of medicine is very simple.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Vatha Karappan ; Vatha Karappan chooranam ; Vatha Karappanukku Amanukku ennai.
Subjects: AYUSH > Sirappu Maruthuvam
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