A Study on Azhal Keel Vayu (அழல் கீல் வாயு)

Anusha, D (2008) A Study on Azhal Keel Vayu (அழல் கீல் வாயு). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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AIM AND OBJECTIVES: The disease “Azhal Keel Vayu” is a major ailment of the elderly. This produces pain and discomfort to the patients. The purpose of author’s work is to elucidate a good medicine from ancient Siddha literatures and to create hope and faith in their treatment. Their being a preliminary endeavour by the author, as if it would be a helping hand to the sufferers. With this view this dissertation subject was undertaken. 1. To prove the efficacy of our Siddha Medicine to the world. 2. To study the clinical cause of the disease “Azhal Keel Vayu” with keen observation on the Aetiology, Pathology, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Complications and the Treatment by making use of Siddha aspect. 3. To expose the unique diagnostic methods mentioned by Siddhars, to know the disease “Azhal Keel Vayu” alters the normal condition under the topic Mukkutram, Poripulangal, Ezhu Udal Kattukkal and Envagai thervugal. 4. To know the extent of correlation of Aetiology, Classification, Signs and Symptoms of Azhal Keel Vayu in Siddha aspect with Osteo arthritis in Modern medicine. 5. To have an idea about the incidence of the disease with age, sex, socio-economic status and climatic conditions. 6. To have a detailed clinical investigations. 7. To have a clinical trial on Azhal Keel Vayu tha author has given the drug named Keelvathathuku Choornam as internal medicine and Keelvathathuku thylam as external medicine. 8. To evaluate the Bio-chemical and Pharmacological effects of trial medicine. 9. To use modern parameters to confirm the diagnosis and prognosis of the disease. 10. To insist Thokkanam (Massage) and Asanas along with medicines to achieve the good results. SUMMARY: 1. Sixty four cases with Azhal Keelvayu, diagnosed clinically. Out of them thirty two cases were admitted in the in-patient PG Sirappu Maruthuvam Ward, Govt. Siddha Medical College Hospital, Palayamkottai were observed for clinical diagnosis, lab diagnosis and treatment by the trial medicines. Out of them twenty cases were selected for study. Thirty two cases were treated as out patients. 2. Clinical diagnosis of Azhal Keel vayu was done on the basis of clinical features described in the siddha text books. 3. Laboratory diagnosis of Azhal Keelvayu was done by modern methods of examination in the Govt. Siddha Medical College Hospital, Palayamkottai. 4. The various siddha aspects of examination of the disease were carried out and recorded in a proforma. 5. The trial medicines chosen for both internal and external treatment and the management of Azhal Keelavayu • Keelvathathuku chooranam as per the severity of the complaints, the dosage were given 2 gm two times a day with milk for twenty days and above. • Keelvathathuku thylam (Externally). 6. Before starting the treatment, careful detailed history was carried out and recorded from the twenty selected patients. 7. During the period of treatment, all the patients were put under strict pathiyam-a specific dietary regimen. 8. The observation made during the clinical study shows that the main drug Keelvathathuku chooranam (Internally) is clinically effective . It has moderate analgesic action and significant anti inflammatory action. 9. The action of Keelvathathuku thylam (Externally) over the affected joint was also clinically effective.It has Significant anti inflammatory action. 10. A periodical laboratory investigation were made for all the case for blood, urine and motion test etc., along with radiological reports. 11. Since Azhal Keel vayu is a chronic disease, it required minimum treatment for twenty days, treated both internally and externally to minimize the severe pain, tenderness and Swelling, but also slight disappearance of the crepitation. CONCLUSION: All the twenty patients Selected for this Study were treated with Keelvathathuku chooranam (Internal 2gm bd with milk) and Keelvathathuku thylam (Externally). Clinical results show improvement in large number of the cases that is 60%. During the meantime of treatment, under admission all the Azhal Keel vayu patients were instructed and guided to follow the following asanas. a) Komugaasana - The Cow head Posture b) Padmasana - The Lotus Posture It was sure that no one had any remission up to 6 months. If any further recurrence or no satisfied improvement, the individuals were instructed to follow up treatment both internally and externally. It is very pleasurable to say here, the author highlights the trial medicines are found effective just relieved from pain and tenderness, severe morning stiffness, severe crepitation, arresting of marked swelling and so on. It was noted that the internal drug Keelvathathuku Chooranam was free from adverse side effects, i.e. no cases were reported either nausea or vomiting and the external application Keelvathathuku thylam was not irritant, i.e. no cases were reported itching or inflammation or eruption wherever massaged.

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