A Study on Kalanchaga Padai (காளாஞ்சக படை)

Somasekaran, K (2007) A Study on Kalanchaga Padai (காளாஞ்சக படை). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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AIM AND OBJECTIVES: The skin is an extraordinary structure and it reflects either healthy or diseased. Kalanchagapadai, which affects not only skin but also produce mental strain. It is a significant disease burden, affecting both health-related and emotional aspects of a patients life. The treatment available for kalanchagapadai at present around the globe does not cure the disease radically. So for such an tractable disease the world craves for a cure. Siddha science, which gives wonder relief to the skin ailments. It is very open secret in siddha medicine. That’s why the author had chosen kalanchaga padai as their dissertation subject in order to make a through research study. Among all forms of treatment, noi naadal or identification of disease and noi muthal naadal (or) determination of the aetiology of the disease are most important aspects. Once the diagnosis is accurate the treatment may be easily fulfilled, The main aim and objeetive of this dissertation include , 1. To collect authentic measures and review the ideas mentioned in ancient siddha literatures regarding the disease “Kalanchaga padai” 2. To create an awareness about the siddha science and highlight the efficacy of siddha drugs among the public. 3. To expose the siddhar diagnostic principles . 4. To know the extent of correlation of aetiology, classification, symptomatology, diagnostic methods and the line of treatment of Dermatology . 5. To make a clinical trial with necessary investigation and records all those things with the follow-up study of the patients of kalanchaga padai. 6. To have an idea of an incidence of kalanchaga pasdai with reference to age, sex,occupation, socio – economic status habits, family history are related to any psycho – somatic problems and paruva kaalams ( Seasons). 7. To have a complete study of the disease kalanchaga padai under the headings of a. Poripulangal: C.Enn Vagai thervugal b. Udal kattugal d. Mukkutram etc. 8 To make a detailed clinical evaluation of the disease by careful examination on Aetiology, Symptomatology, Complication, Treatment and Prognosis. 9 To have a clinical trial of kalanchaga padai with the trial drugs “Parangi chakkai chooranam” as internal medicine and “Thaasermeni Ennai” as the external medicine . 10. To use modern diagnostic parameters to confirm and follow the progress of the patients. 11. To evaluate the bio-chemical analysis, and pharmacological study of the trial drugs. 12. To highlight the factors like land where they live, climate changes, diet, and mental stress of human beings. 13. To make an awareness among the patients inorder to avoid further recurrence of the disease.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Kalanchaga Padai ; Parangi chakkai chooranam ; Thaasermeni Ennai.
Subjects: AYUSH > Sirappu Maruthuvam
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