Study of Migraine Headache Spectrum in patients treated in the Tertiary Care Hospital.

Samuel Appadurai Alexander, R (2014) Study of Migraine Headache Spectrum in patients treated in the Tertiary Care Hospital. Masters thesis, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.


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Headache is very common disorder of symptom complex with multifactorial origin. It has world vide prevalence of 57% in males and 67% with life time prevalence of %. There about 300 types of headache identified. Still they are not classified under a single. The international society has classified headache in the year. Now the third criteria of classification has also come. Headache is a more common disease that it becomes a major cause for the patient to seek the advice of the physician and/or a neurologist. The causes of headache are numerous. Therefore a systematic approach is essential to find out the cause of every headache patient to solve this problem. Many headaches are externally not detectible and internally not measurable. This is also good field of research since it lacks sufficient facts. The neuroanatomy of headache was thought to be the vault of the skull but now it is change to the brain which is the seat of all types of headache. Where ever be the original of pain in the head, it is generally headache. In B.C. during SUMARIN and EGYPT civilization the headache is described in poems and papyri respectively. Headache was described in VEDIC period also. Hippocrates (BC 460-370) and his Greek followers had described migraine as flashes of light, moderate to severe pain in the head neck both temporal legions and eyes with vomiting. Migraine headache is a moderate to severe headache which incapacitates the person and decreases the quality of life. So any small improvement due to treatment will help the patient to very great extent of help. Finally, migraine is the more common disease than with think of, more severe than we expert of, not any contribution from any investigation than we expert of, not completely curable but only controllable and manageable. CONCLUSION : The migraine headache spectrum start as a mild head discomfort on one end to neurological deficit to the other end through severe headache, vomiting, photophobia and phonophobia. This differs from one patient to other patients. They have to seek for a dark, quiet room and take rest until me headache is over which will take between 4-72 hours. Migraine is externally not detected and internally not measurable. No investigation the reveals any abnormalities. Everyone would have suffered once in their life. Migraine is a recurrent attack of headache and patient in frustrated. A little one in of great help for any migraine patients which will improve the quality of life. The treatment of migraine is a multi disciplinary approach which needed Psychologist counseling in managing stress. Avoiding of certain dietary foods and certain habits which are triggers for migraine. Prophylactic and symptomatic, treatment plays a magic role in aborting a migraines episode.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Migraine Headache Spectrum ; patients ; Tertiary Care Hospital.
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