Anti ganglioside Antibody profile in GBS - Clinical, Immunological and Neurophysiological significance.

Venkatesh, P (2014) Anti ganglioside Antibody profile in GBS - Clinical, Immunological and Neurophysiological significance. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Guillain-Barre´ syndrome (GBS) is an acute onset, monophasic, paralytic disorder of the peripheral nervous system. The patho physiology of GBS involves an auto immune mediated attack on glycolipid components of nerves which has been supported by the frequent rise of anti ganglioside antibodies in acute sera of GBS patients. Anti ganglioside antibodies of IgG type, are found to be elevated in the sera from almost 60% of GBS patients. These anti ganglioside antibodies can be used for early detection of GBS because of their presence in the acute phase sera. Thereby they can be used as diagnostic markers of various GBS subtypes.It has been demonstrated that these antiganglioside antibodies are associated with poor prognosis in some studies. By conducting this study,we aimed to investigate the value of anti ganglioside antibody detection as a diagnostic and prognostic marker of GBS in acute phase. This study extends the previous findings on the relationship between antiganglioside antibodies and GBS. Though many studies on this topic are available from western countries, very few have been done in our country. Among the available studies , number of patients included in the study was low with occasional case reports of sero positivity. To overcome these limitations, this study was done to assess the anti ganglioside antibody positivity in GBS patients and its correlation with disease severity.From our study, we found out the following conclusions, 1. Assessment of antiganglioside antibody profile in GBS helps in the detection of disease in the early phase of illness. 2. Antiganglioside antibodies are useful in prognostication of GBS. 3. Antiganglioside antibodies are invariably present in severe GBS. 4. Larger sample size is required to make any definite meaningful correlation and utility of these antiganglioside antibodies in GBS.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Anti ganglioside Antibody profile ; Guillain-Barre´ syndrome ; Clinical ; Immunological ; Neurophysiological significance.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Neurology
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