Thyroid Profile in Chronic Kidney Disease

Visveswaran, S (2007) Thyroid Profile in Chronic Kidney Disease. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Patients with chronic kidney diseases have many symptoms and signs suggestive of thyroid dysfunction. It is very difficult to exclude the diagnosis of hypothyroidism on clinical grounds. So a study was conducted in CKD patients to study the prevalence and types of thyroid dysfunction and the correlation between thyroid dysfunction and severity of renal insufficiency if any. Seventy five CKD patients on conservative management admitted in Institute of Internal Medicine Madras Medical College and Government General Hospital, Chennai were studied after taking consent. A detailed history and clinical examination were done. Investigations including serum T3, T4, TSH were done. Eight patients had low serum T3, T4 and high TSH value of more than 20 μIU/ml. These patients were grouped under "Primary hypothyroidism". Hypothyroidism incidence in CKD in this study is 10.67%. Low T3 syndrome incidence was 42.67%. No thyroid dysfunction occurs in 46.67% of CKD patients. Low T3 syndrome and mean serum T3 level had a linear correlation with severity of renal failure which was statistically significant. Number of patients with low T4 was 21.33% after excluding hypothyroidism patients. The incidence of low T4 and mean serum T4 level does not correlate with severity of renal insufficiency. The mean value of serum TSH is within normal limits in all stages of renal failure excluding hypothyroidism. Anemia was almost always present in CKD patients. As the hemoglobin decreases the incidence of low T3 syndrome increased. The mean serum T3 and T4 had a linear correlation with hemoglobin level which was statistically significant. To conclude thyroid dysfunction occurs both clinically and biochemically in patients with CKD. Both clinical and biochemical parameters are essential to diagnose hypothyroidism in these patients.

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