Histomorphological Profile of Gastric Antral Mucosa in Helicobacter Associated Gastritis.

Palaniappan, V (2013) Histomorphological Profile of Gastric Antral Mucosa in Helicobacter Associated Gastritis. Masters thesis, Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli.


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Since 20th Century, There Were Many Reports Of Spiral Organisms Being Isolated From The Stomach Of Human Beings And The Possible Role Of These Organisms In Any Human Gastric Disease. It Was Culmination Of Many Years Of Effort By J. Robin Warren And Barry J. Marshall In Perth, Australia. With The Isolation Of H.Pylori, The Flood Gates Opened To A New Understanding Of Gastro Duodenal Pathology And Its Implications In The Management Of Peptic Ulcer Disease.1 It Is A Bacterial Pathogen Infecting The Gastric Antrum Of Half The Population Worldwide. Helicobacter Pylori(H.Pylori) Infection Has Found To Be Associated With Acute And Chronic Gastritis,Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia, Peptic Ulcers, Gastric Adenocarcinoma And Gastric MALT Associated Lymphomas.2 Colonization Of Stomach By H.Pylori And Chronic Active Gastritis Has A Cause And Effect Relationship. Early Detection And Eradication Of H.Pylori Infection Is Very Essential Because It Not Only Cause Healing Of Gastric Inflammatory Lesion But Also Helps In Reversal Of Precursor Lesion Which Results In Carcinoma Such As Gastric Atrophy And Intestinal Metaplasia. 3 The Sydney System For The Classification Of Gastritis Emphasises The Importance Of Topographical, Morphological And Etiological Information. This System Was Revised At The Houston Gastritis Workshop Held In 1994. The Histological Severity Of H.Pylori Density, Inflammation, Activity, Atrophy And Intestinal Metaplasia Were Graded According To The Updated Sydney System.4 Endoscopic Biopsy Allows Detection Of H.Pylori, Which Determines Treatment For Peptic Ulcer Disease. For Most Studies Histology Is The Standard For Detection, Because The Objective Is Determination Of Whether The Organisms Are Present And Whether There Is Gastritis. The Epithelial Changes In H.Pylori Colonized Gastric Mucosa Can Be Recongnised With Routine H&E Sections And It Helps As A Indicator To Notify The Presence H.Pylori In Gastric Mucosa . As Effective Specific Treatment For H.Pylori Associated Gastroduodenal Disorders Is Already In Vogue,The Identification Of The Organism Has Become Mandatory In Antral Biopsies. The Present Study Was Planned To Analyse The Spectrum Of The Light Microscopic Histopathologic Changes In Gastric Mucosa Colonized By H.Pylori In Patients Presenting To The Outpatient Department Of Medical Gastroenterology.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Histomorphological Profile ; Gastric Antral Mucosa ; Helicobacter Associated Gastritis.
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