A Three Year Retrospective Analysis of Tumor and Tumor Like Conditions of the Ovary in Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital.

Malathi, M (2013) A Three Year Retrospective Analysis of Tumor and Tumor Like Conditions of the Ovary in Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital. Masters thesis, Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli.


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The Ovaries Are Paired Oval Structures In Females, Developing From The Gonadal Ridges, And Located One On Each Side Of The Uterus In The Ovarian Fossa. These Are Very Complex Organs In Terms Of Embryology And Histology. It Undergoes Cyclical Changes From Adolescence To Menopause And Gives Rise To Different Types Of Cells, Each Of Which Has The Capacity To Produce Different Type Of Tumours1. Due To Constant Endocrine Stimulation And Subsequent Traumatic Insults By Ovulation, These Are The Primary Sites For Tumour Development. Different Types Of Tumours Tend To Occur In Different Age Group. Both Primary And Metastatic Tumours Occur In The Ovary With Variable Histomorphological Patterns.2 Ovarian Cancer Is One Of The Most Common Neoplasm In Developed Countries, Ranking 7th Position In Incidence And 6th Position In Mortality3.It Constitutes About 6.6% Of All Malignant Tumours Of The Female Genital Tract3.In India, Incidence Of Ovarian Cancers Come Next To Cervical And Endometrial Cancers Among The Gynaecological Cancers. According To National Cancer Registry Programme Of Indian Council Medical Research, The Proportion Of Ovarian Cancer Varied From 1.7-8.7 In Various Urban And Rural Areas, It Also Showed That Recent Increase In Incidence. Both Chennai Cancer Registry And Dindigul Ambilikkai Cancer Registry Showed An Age Adjusted Incidence Rate Of 6.0cases Per 10, 0000women4, Whereas It Was 16.23 In United States.3 Ovarian Cancers Area Heterogeneous Group Of Neoplasms Of Three Main Subtypes: - Surface Epithelial, Germ Cell And Sex Cord Stromal Tumours With Wide Morphological Variations. No Age Group Is Free From The Tumour. In Adult Age Group Surface Epithelial Tumours Are The Commonest Neoplasm Constituting 65.5% Of Ovarian Neoplasms. In Younger Age Group, Germ Cell Tumours Are The Commonest Ovarian Neoplasms And Constitute Two Third Of Ovarian Tumours Out Of Which, One Third Are Malignant. Sex-Cord Stromal Tumours Can Occur At Any Age Group And Are Usually Functional In Nature. So The Determination Of Various Histological Patterns Is Very Important In Diagnosis As Well As Prognosis Of Ovarian Tumors5. Ovarian Cancer Has Got A Poor Prognosis Among All Gynaecological Cancers. The Overall 5year Survival Rate Is Approximately 45% Due To Late Stage At Diagnosis6.Unlike Cervical Cancer, Identification Of High Risk Population For Ovarian Malignancy And Ideal Screening Method Is Not Available. A Number Of Non Neoplastic Lesions Can Occur From Neonatal Period To Postmenopausal Age Group. Most Are Functional In Nature And Resolve With Minimal Treatment. Some Of The Non Neoplastic Lesions Like Massive Edema Of Ovary, Stromal Hyperplasia, Large Follicular Cyst, Pregnancy Luteomas, And Granulomatous Inflammation Can Be Confused With Neoplasm Clinically, Intraoperatively Or On Morphological Examination. The Main Aim Lies In Distinguishing Ovarian Neoplasms From The Wide Spectrum Of Non-Neoplastic Lesions. Despite The New Techniques Like Imaging And Genetic Studies, The Diagnosis Of Ovarian Tumour Is Mainly Dependent Upon Histopathological Examination. The Present Study Is Being Undertaken To Review In Detail The Different Varieties Of Ovarian Lesions In And Around Tirunelveli And Assess Their Characteristics With Regards To Incidence, Age And Histopathological Appearances.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Three Year Retrospective Analysis ; Tumor ; Ovary.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Pathology
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Date Deposited: 29 Jun 2017 10:36
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