Styptic activity of sirupeelai chooranam and Study on Uppu Parpam for its Naturally drug

Kavitha, N (2013) Styptic activity of sirupeelai chooranam and Study on Uppu Parpam for its Naturally drug. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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The herb of Aerva lanata (Sirupeelai) had been collected from chennai, Tamilnadu and authenticated by experts. The literary review in Siddha and botanical aspects had been discussed completely. The drug underwent a series of investigations like pharmacognostic study, phyto-chemical, chemical and physio-chemical analysis to prove the reliability of drug. Toxicity studies had its appropriate role in proving the safety of the drug for consumption. Styptic activity had promising feature in the management of bleeding and proved that it can be used as an Anti hemorrhagic agent after studying the systematic toxicity profile and hence used in treating menorrhagia and DUB in women. Sirupeelai Chooranam was preferred for this study to control the profuse bleeding during mensuration which is due to various causes and also due to unknown etiology in women such as DUB in women patients, with 72% marked improvement in excessive bleeding phase in female called as Perumbadu. The clinical study showed good improvement in patients. As a result of this elobrate composite study all results proves that distinctive Siddha medicine, powdered form of Aerva lanata (Sirupeelai choornam) will be significantly safe, promising and effective. It is well known that, treatment regimen with naural herbs can be selected that will produce safe and highly effective treatment without any adverse reaction and side effects. So I feel inclined to advance my forthcoming study on sirupeelai chooranam in controlling the profuse bleeding disorder during mensuration (Perumbadu) and in restoration of the female health. UPPU PARPAM: Mineral drug Preparation Uppu parpam was prepared as per Sidha text evidence and prepared as per and its capability on PCOS (Soothagavaayu) was appraised. The literary review in Siddha and modern aspect are discussed completely and the valubility of drug had been determined. Various studies involving phytochemical, chemical, elemental and physio chemical analysis were executed to make its ability more spectacular. The pharmacological analysis proved that the drug has got significant activity over the condition called PCOS (Soothagavaayu) In clinical study the drug has showed 70% marked response and the poor response to Uppu parpam in PCOS is negligible. This current analysis is to authenticate that Uppu parpam has impressive ovulation activity over PCOS (Soothagavaayu) in females and declare the intelligence of the siddha literature and makes it superior and trust worthy.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Styptic activity ; sirupeelai chooranam ; Uppu Parpam ; Naturally drug.
Subjects: AYUSH > Gunapadam
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