To study the Phase Transition System by the Addition of Chitosan via Nasal Route.

Amol, B Garde (2010) To study the Phase Transition System by the Addition of Chitosan via Nasal Route. Masters thesis, RVS College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Coimbatore, India.


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Drug is incompletely absorbed from GIT, thus its oral bioavailability is only about 50%. The incomplete absorption is mainly due to its lower lipid solubility. Literature shows that moderately polar drugs with low molecular weight can penetrate through the nasal mucosa to the greater extent than through gastrointestinal tract, thus the present work is aimed at studying the nasal permeation of Drug and improving its nasal permeation by the addition of penetration enhancer chitosan so that Drug could be successfully administered by nasal route. However one shortcoming associated with the nasal route is high mucocilliary clearance and low retention of the drug for short period of time. Thus an attempt has been made to increase the retention time of the drug by incorporating chitosan, which shows temperature mediated phase transition in presences of sodium betaglycerophosphate and possess mucoadhesive property as well. Present investigation was planed with following objectives.To find the applicability of chitosan in the formulation of phase transition system.To study the effect of chitosan as nasal permeation enhancer. To study the mucoadhesive property of chitosan. Nasal delivery is a feasible alternative to oral or parenteral administration for some drugs because of the high permeability of the nasal epithelium rapid drug absorption across this membrane and avoidance of hepatic first pass metabolism. The nasal dosage form includes solution, sprays, microspheres, gels and liposomes. Although solutions are easy to use they achieve a poor bioavailability, due to large mucocilliary clearance. It had been demonstrated that a significant improvement in bioavailability would be achieved if the nasal residence time of the drug would be increased. From the point of view of patient acceptability a liquid dosage form that can be administered easily and can adhere to the nasal mucosa for extended period with fast onset of action is ideal. Drug delivery system based on the concepts of phase transition system should provide these properties, such delivery system show phase transition due to a change in specific physicochemical properties (pH, Temperature, Ionic content) in their environments.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Phase; Transition System; Chitosan; Nasal Route
Subjects: PHARMACY > Pharmaceutics
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