Dyslipidemia and Hypertension in Obese Patients with Correlation to Body Mass Index

Suresh, N (2009) Dyslipidemia and Hypertension in Obese Patients with Correlation to Body Mass Index. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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The study “DYSLIPIDEMIA AND HYPERTENSION IN OBESE PATIENTS WITH CORRELATION TO BODY MASS INDEX” is a cross- sectional study among patients attending medical Outpatient Department and Medical Wards in Govt Rajaji Hospital for varying illness, 80 Patients (40 Males and 40 Females) whose BMI were ≥ 25 selected for the study Group (Group II, III, IV) and 20 Patients (9 males and 11 Females) whose BMI < 25 were selected in the same age group as controls (Group I). Subjects divided into four groups according to BMI Group I BMI 25 - Healthy weight, Group II BMI ≥ 25 – 26.9 Overweight, Group III BMI ≥27 – 29.9 Overweight, Group IV BMI ≥30 - Obesity. Patients and controls who satisfied the inclusion and exclusion criteria underwent various investigations like fasting blood sugar, and lipid profile were taken. Relationship of various anthropometric measurements like body mass index ,waist circumference, waist hip ratio were analyzed. A high BMI showed significant correlation with hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia. Thus our study highlights the significance of a simple measurement of BMI in day to day clinical practice in detecting the patients with high cardiovascular risk like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia and metabolic syndrome. The cut off values for and BMI, waist circumference, and waist hip ratio should be defined according to the different ethnic populations. This will help in early detection of the people at risk so that we can advice healthy life style and nutritional habits for the high risk group and start specific therapy when ever necessary.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Dyslipidemia ; Hypertension ; Obese Patients ; Correlation ; Body Mass Index.
Subjects: MEDICAL > General Medicine
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