Serum Sodium and Potassium in Newly Diagnosed Essential Hypertensives

Sidharthan, K (2006) Serum Sodium and Potassium in Newly Diagnosed Essential Hypertensives. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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Essential hypertension is the major risk factor for coronary, cerebral and renal vascular diseases. Etiology for essential hypertension is not known. Many theories were postulated. The present study attempts to focus the serum sodium and potassium level among isolated newly diagnosed essential hypertensives who were free from any other illnesses or under any medication and to correlate electrolyte status with the blood pressure. Fasting serum sodium and potassium were estimated (flame photometer) in seventy hypertensives (m=38, f=32; mean age 53.1 ± 5.37) and thirty healthy controls (m=20 f=10; mean age 51.5 ± 5.38). Efforts were also made to find out an association between body mass index and waist circumference with systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Body mass index was significantly more in those with stage II hypertension. However it was independent of gender and electrolyte status. Mean serum sodium level was elevated significantly (‘p’ = 0.000001) among hypertensives where as serum potassium level was significantly lower among them when compared to healthy controls. The blood pressure also correlated positively with serum sodium; body mass index and waist circumference where as negatively correlated with serum potassium. Changing life styles have modified the food habits, making people to consume food rich in sodium but low in potassium. As a result genetically susceptible population when exposed to high sodium content coupled with low potassium in their diet, hypertension becomes overt. The possible mechanisms were discussed.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Serum Sodium ; Potassium ; Newly Diagnosed ; Essential Hypertensives.
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