Prognostic Significance of Architectural Invasive and Proliferative features in Invasive Breast Carcinoma.

Sudha, - (2008) Prognostic Significance of Architectural Invasive and Proliferative features in Invasive Breast Carcinoma. Masters thesis, Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli.


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Breast Cancer Has A Major Impact On The Health Of Women. It Is The Most Frequently Diagnosed Cancer And The Second Most Common Cause Of Cancer Death In Indian Women After Cancer Of The Uterine Cervix (Chopra R., 2001). Recently It Is Emerging As The Commonest Female Malignancy In Developing Asian Countries Ahead Of Carcinoma Of Uterine Cervix. Presently 75,000 New Cases Occur In Indian Women Every Year (Chopra R., 2001. Loc.Cit.). The Breast Cancer Has Received A Great Deal Of Publicity And Has Been The Focus Of Intensive Study. Recently, There Has Been A Slight Decline In Breast Cancer Mortality Due To The Early Detection Of Breast Cancer In Stage I And Stage II By Mammography And Effective Cancer Screening Programme. This Downward Trend Will Continue, If Better Treatment Modalities Are Followed. Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Is A Double-Edged Tool. It Can Increase Life Expectancy In Advanced Malignant Disease As An Adjunct To Other Therapy But Also Is A Hazardous And Potentially Lethal Form Of Treatment. Assessment Of Multiple Prognostic Factors Is Necessary To Separate Cases Which Benefit Most From This Form Of Therapy. The Clinical Course Of Breast Cancer Varies Considerably From Patient To Patient. The Median Survival Of Women With Untreated Breast Cancer Is 2 To 7 Years And 10-Year Survival, Subsequent To The Onset Of Symptoms Is 3.6% (Francis E Sharkey, Et Al.,1996). The Pathologist Has Got Critically Important Responsibilities As A Consultant In The Management Of Patient With Breast Cancer. The Clinical Evaluation Estimates Whether The Cancer Is Localised To Breast Or Whether There Are Regional Or Distant Metastases. The Pathologist, Establishes The Diagnosis Of Cancer And Reports The Significant Characteristics Which Can Be Used In Planning Therapy By Predicting The Natural History Of The Disease And Possible Response To A Particular Mode Of Treatment. Another Major Reason For Reporting Pathological Prognostic Features Is To Monitor Mammographic Screening Programmes. So, This Study Is Aimed At Evaluating Certain Architectural, Invasive And Proliferative Parameters In Cases Of Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Of Breast.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Prognostic Significance ; Architectural Invasive ; Proliferative Features ; Invasive Breast Carcinoma.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Pathology
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Date Deposited: 29 Jun 2017 07:30
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