Supravital Stained Wet Mount Study of Fine Needle Aspirates – As A Rapid Supplementary Diagnostic Procedure.

Sumathi, S (2006) Supravital Stained Wet Mount Study of Fine Needle Aspirates – As A Rapid Supplementary Diagnostic Procedure. Masters thesis, Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli.


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Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) Technique Has Become More Common And Popular Nowadays. Though It Is Not A Substitute For Conventional Histopathology, It Should Be Regarded As A Very Important Component Of Pre Operative / Pre Treatment Investigation In Combination With Clinical, Radiological And Other Laboratory Data. Conventional FNAC Has Its Own Advantages And Limitations, Which Are Well Known To Any Cytopathologist. Inspite Of Its Advances And Advantages, Conventional FNAC Fails To Achieve A 100% Accuracy. This Is Partly Because Of, (I) A Lack Of Sufficient Cellularity In Desmoplastic Lesions. (Ii) Wastage Of Aspirated Cells When They Stick To The Hub And Lumen Of The Needles. (Iii) Morphological Distortion Produced When The Cells Are Trapped In Fibrin Mesh. (Iv) Distortion Of Fragile Cells During Smearing. (V) Loss Of Cell To Cell And Cell To Stromal Histological Architecture. Hence In An Attempt To Improve It’s Accuracy, A Supra Vital Stained Wet Mount Preparation Of The Aspirate Is Studied Which Will Give Additional Information Regarding The Lesion On Which FNAC Is Done. Here The Same Needle And Syringe Which Is Used To Aspirate For Conventional Fixed Smear (H & E) Is Immediately Dipped Into Toludine Blue Solution And Rinsed. The Mixed Material Is Poured On A Clean Slide Along With A Drop Of 0.5% Eosin And Cover Slip Is Placed Over It. Then This Wet Mount Is Examined Under Microscope For Morphological Details. Toludine Blue Is A Rapid Supravital Stain That Produce Good Nuclear Detail And Giving A Three Dimensional View Of Cell In A Wet Mount. It Is Also Easily Available And Inexpensive. Addition Of Eosin Stain Gives A Pale Pink Cytoplasm To The Cell And Gives Better Contrast To Appreciate Cytomorphology Of Wet Mount Well. Supravital Stained Wet Mount Of Fine Needle Aspirate Is Becoming Popular As A Supplementary Procedure To Conventional FNAC Smears.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Supravital ; Stained ; Wet Mount Study ; Fine Needle Aspirates ; Rapid Supplementary ; Diagnostic Procedure.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Pathology
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