A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Video-Modeling on Social Skills among Children with Autism in Selected Schools, Coimbatore

Jayanthi Ruba, Y (2017) A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Video-Modeling on Social Skills among Children with Autism in Selected Schools, Coimbatore. Masters thesis, K.G. College of Nursing, Coimbatore.


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The intention of the study was to assess the effectiveness of video-modeling to improve social skills among children with autism. The objectives of the study were formulated according to the need of the study. The conceptual framework developed for the study was based on Modified Imogene King’s Goal Attainment theory. An extensive review of literature, professional experience and expert’s direction helped the researcher to design the methodology. The study was conducted in three different schools in Coimbatore where adequate samples were easily accessible and available. Pretest posttest control group design was adopted for this study. The tools used for this study were demographic variables and modified autism social skills profile to assess the social skills among children with autism. The content validity of the tool was obtained from various experts in Child Health Nursing Department. Reliability of the tool was checked using split-half method. The tool was found to be reliable (r = 0.98). The ethical aspects of the research were maintained during the study period. Pilot study was conducted in Rehabilitation centre for autism at Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore, for a period of one week for 10 children with autism. After pilot study the researcher proceeded with the main study. A written permission was obtained from Principals of three schools namely, Kaumaran Prashanthi Academy, Star special school, and Adith special school, Coimbatore. The main study was conducted for the period of five weeks. Stratified random sampling technique was adopted to select forty samples (n=40) and the samples were assigned as experimental (20) and control group (20). Data regarding the demographic variables was collected from parents or family members using interview method. Pretest was conducted for experimental and control group to assess social skills by using Modified autism social skills profile through observation method. The children in the experimental group were given video-modeling for 30 minutes twice in a week for five weeks. Post test – I was done at the end of third week and post test – II was done after the fifth week using the same tool. Post test for the control group was done at the end of third and fifth week using the same tool. The demographic variables of children with autism were tabulated by using frequency distribution. The effectiveness of video-modeling and comparison of pre test, post test-I and post test -II scores of social skills were analyzed by using paired t test. It was found that the values were statistically significant at 5% level. The Z test was used to compare the effectiveness of video-modeling on post test –I and post test –II social skills between experimental and control group. The calculated value was significant at 5% level. By using chi square analysis, association between the scores of the social skills and selected demographic variables like age of the child, age during admission in school, age of mother during child birth, nature of parent’s marriage, type of family, education of father and type of residence was done respectively. The result showed that there is a significant association between social skills score and birth order among children with autism. The results of the study revealed that the video-modeling is an effective intervention to improve the social skills among children with autism who are studying in Kaumaran Prashanthi Academy, Star Special School and Adith Special School, Coimbatore.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Video-Modeling, Social Skills, Children, Autism, Selected Schools, Coimbatore.
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