A Study of solitary pulmonary nodule in 50 cases

Soumitra, Sinha Roy (2008) A Study of solitary pulmonary nodule in 50 cases. Masters thesis, Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore.


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54% of Solitary Pulmonary Nodule in the study was malignant. 26% cases were of infective origin – tuberculosis and pneumonia / lung abscess. 14% cases were benign and 6% were indeterminate lesion. • 48% of the malignancies were squamous cell carcinoma, 33% were adenocarcinoma and 10% were small cell carcinoma. • Commonest malignancy in SPN was squamous cell carcinoma. Inordinately high number of smokers in study population probably predisposed to higher incidence of squamous cell carcinoma. • Symptoms and signs were not conclusive. 50% cases were asymptomatic or had vague ill-health. 40% had cough with or without sputum. Minimal non-specific lung signs (50%) or no elicitable physical sign (25%) were predominant findings. • 22% cases only could be diagnosed early enough for a favourable treatment response. • Exclusively males were found to have malignancy in SPN, though female sample size was very low (no. 2) in this study. • 72% of SPNs above 60 yrs of age were malignant. But even at age 25 yrs, Small Cell Carcinoma has developed. • 82% of study population were smokers, 81% of > 40 pack yrs smokers had developed malignancy. • 18% of SPNs were diabetics and were mostly having infective pathology. • Most important characteristic feature of SPN is margin and size of the lesion in x – ray. • 94% of spiculated margin and 72% of size >4 cm diameter nodules were malignant. 88% of <3cm nodules were benign/infective origin. • 65% of nodules with contrast enhancement of > 20 HU in CT were malignant. • 2 cases of indeterminate pathology could be diagnosed of benign pathology only on basis of benign pattern of doubling time. • Both transthoracic aspiration cytology / biopsy and fibre – optic bronchoscopy and lavage / brushing / biopsy were important diagnostic tools in carefully selected patients with yield of > 80%. Overall, transthoracic aspiration cytology / biopsy were slightly more efficacious as a diagnostic measure. • Fine needle aspiration cytology / biopsy of lymph nodes were conclusive in palpable lymph nodes.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: solitary pulmonary nodule ; 50 cases.
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